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Many of us have suffered some sleep ailment during our lifetime and in adults, it is more common. For some people sleep ailments, are short-term and caused by tension or stress and in some situations do get better with time, but when it comes to a chronic sleep disorder, it could interfere with your daily health and life as it affects the quality of one’s sleep. With the lack of sleep, it affects your energy levels, general health, and one becomes emotional.

Acupressure Points for Sleep Disorder & Insomnia
Acupressure Points for Sleep Disorder & Insomnia

These disorders can range from having nightmares, dyssomnia, sleep apnea, and rhythm sleep disorder known as circadian. Many people have difficulty falling asleep and stay awake due to this disorder. One does not chronically want to be on sleeping pills all the time just to get some rest.

However, with Acupressure it is a great and healthier alternative to improve your sleep, making you feel de-stressed, relieved of pain, and anxiety free. By using acupressure points for sleep ailments, it helps with distributing one’s energy throughout the body evenly and helps you to relax.

Acupressure Points for Sleep Disorder & Insomnia Infographic:

Acupressure Points for Sleep Disorder & Insomnia
Acupressure Points for Sleep Disorder & Insomnia

Different Types of Sleep Disorders

One finds different types of sleep ailments that could cause one to fall asleep or even stay asleep throughout the night. Some of them are common disorders and as follows:

  • When one has difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, it is categorized as Insomnia
  • While one is sleeping and your breathing is disrupted as the brain does not function properly it causes Central Sleep Apnea
  • For many people while they are sleeping there is a total blockage of their upper airway during their sleep pattern and is known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • While other people from Parasomnia a disruptive sleep ailment caused by nightmares and sleepwalking
  • While other people wake up suddenly from Nightmares and very disturbed
  • Another sleep ailment is Narcolepsy a neurological disorder that disturbs your sleep
  • The Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder that disrupts your internal body clock
  • Another common cause of sleep ailment is snoring and is both disturbing for you and your partner

Different symptoms know many of these disorders that one recognizes in your daily life from feeling irritable and sleepy during the day, one has difficulty staying awake, some fall asleep while driving while others have memory problems, and the list goes on!

A Natural Solution to help promote Peaceful Sleep – Pressure points for Instant Sleep

All the ailments mentioned above from anxiety, tension, and stress – causes sleeping ailments and we have some soothing acupressure points that can treat sleeplessness and help to improve your sleep.

Vital Diaphragm – B38

The Vital Diaphragm point is an important acupressure point for treating most sleeping ailments and contributes to encourage peaceful sleep. One can find the B38 point in between the shoulder blade and the spine – and in the back at the heart level. By stimulating these points, it helps to balance emotions that are common to grief, fear, anxiety, and stress. It is a widely applied acupressure point for using when one has insomnia.

B38 Acupressure Points

Another important characteristic of this point is that it helps with treating respiratory problems, breathing difficulties, and for treating coughs. One can place two tennis balls on the floor situated side by side and lay down on them so that they are placed between the shoulder blades, breathe deeply and close your eyes for one minute.

Pericardium 6

Pericardium 6

Another important Acupoint for treating insomnia is the Pericardium 6 for treating vomiting and nausea. Also known as the Inner Gate point and found in the central point of one’s inner side of the forearm. One can measure it with two and a half finger’s width from your wrist crease. This acupressure points effectual for treating sleep disorders, indigestion, palpitation, and chest congestion. One can stimulate this pressure point by firmly pressing it for one minute with your thumb.

The Spirit Gate – H7

H7 or Heart 7
H7 or Heart 7

For many people over-excitement, anxiety, cold sweat, and emotional issues cause sleeping disorders and the Spirit Gate, is known as the H7 commonly used to treat these ailments. One finds the H7 on the inner side of the wrist crease and is in line with the little finger. One can stimulate this point as it helps to make one relax. Activate this point by placing your thumb of your right hand on the wrist crease of the left hand and press in the hollow found in the crease for one minute and switch sides.

Urinary Bladder 10

Urinary Bladder 10
Urinary Bladder 10

The Urinary Bladder 10 or better known as the B10 pressure point are famous for treating headaches, dizziness, neck pain, relieves insomnia, exhaustion, and stress. As this Acupoint helps to make one relax, clears the head, and brings one to rest. One finds this point on the back of the neck, about 1 ½ inches beneath the basis of the skull, on the muscles found on the outer side of the spine. One needs to curve the fingers and place your fingertips on the thick muscles on the back of the neck – firmly apply pressure to these muscles for one minute while breathing deeply.

Governing Vessel 16 – GV16

Another vital acupressure point is the Governing Vessel 16 also known as GV16. It is a great Acupoint for treating sleep ailments. Others know it as the Wind Mansion and found in the center of the back of one’s head, in the huge concave beneath the starting point of the skull. It also helps with treating headaches, eye problems, asthma, chest tightness, nosebleed, spinal cord problems, and throat swelling. One needs to locate the hollow point at the middle of the basis of the skull and place the middle finger in the hollow. Tilt your head back and by pressing firmly into this hollow for one minute while keeping one’s eyes closed and breathe deeply.

Gall Bladder 20 – GB20

GB20 pressure point
GB20 pressure point

The Gall Bladder 20 acupressure point do not only help to relieve insomnia or disturbed sleep, but helps with a migraine, blurred vision, headaches, and low energy relief. Also called the Gates of Consciousness situated below the base of the skull, found in the concave between the 2 vertical neck muscles – 2 to 3 inches apart on the side of the head. The best way to stimulate this Acupoint is by using the thumbs. One needs to press firmly into the center of the skull for 1-minute while keeping the eyes closed and leaning backward with the head. One will feel a constant pulse at this pressure point.

Governing Vessel 24.5

For treating sleep apnea, the best acupressure point is the Governing Vessel 24.5 as it calms the mind and stimulates restful sleep. Also known as, the Third Eye Point one finds it between one’s eyebrows. One can find this point in the bend where the bridge of the nose meets your forehead. One needs to stimulate this point in combination with the Conception Vessel 17 that follows. It helps to relieve panic attacks, depression, fear and relieves anxiety & insomnia.

Governing Vessel 24.5

Place your right middle fingertip between the eyebrows and place your fingertips on the left hand on the CV17, found in the indentations of one’s breastbone closest to your heart. Here you need to apply pressure for one minute while keeping the eyes closed and breathing deeply.

Conception Vessel 17

Conception Vessel 17

In combination with the GV24.5 point, the Conception Vessel 17 Acupoint is a valuable acupressure point for lessening sleep ailments. Also known as the Sea of Tranquility and helps with chest congestion, anxiety, and nervousness. One can use this point in treating asthma, breast issues, and palpitations.

Kidney 6 – K6

K6 - Kidney 6 Pressure Point

The Kidney 6 or Shining Sea is a significant Acupoint that helps promote sleep. One finds this pressure point on the right side within the anklebone, in a slim slump. By stimulating this point, it is excellent for relieving hypertension, anxiety, and insomnia. One needs to stimulate this point in combination with B62 by using the thumbs to hold the K6 point on the one-foot and the B62 point on the opposite foot by pressing firmly for one minute and do not forget to breathe deeply.

Urinary Bladder 62 – B62

acupressure point B62

This Acupoint is very important when one is treating sleeping ailments and known as the Urinary Bladder 62 point. Another name for it is the Extending Vessel and found in the first indentation below on the outside anklebone. One needs to stimulate this point in combination with the K6 point and does not only help with treating sleeping disorders but stiff neck, epilepsy, headaches, and nervousness.

When one is trying to sleep, rather say no to using sleeping pills and use these powerful acupressure points for sleep ailments to help promote your sleep in a natural way!

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