Acupressure Points for Hair Growth – Home Remedies for Hair Growth:

We guide you some easy Acupressure Points for Hair Growth. There are many things that people take for granted without realizing its value, but once lost they start missing it. The same applies to one’s hair. Many people take this part of their body for granted and do not take enough care of it. However, when you see your hair start falling out one starts to become concerned.

Acupressure Points for Hair Growth
Acupressure Points for Hair Growth

One major factor that plays and important part in hair loss is stress and one needs to stay composed and calm. There are many different ways to help with the growth of hair and may not include the friendliest natural ways and harmful to one’s body and the environment.

However, there is one natural way, that is acupressure, and by applying, some Acupressure Points for hair growth one can become relaxed while helping your hair grow the natural way.

Acupressure Treatment the Natural Way:

For one’s hair to grow healthy all depends on how well one’s adrenal glands are functioning and off course the food one is eating to supply blood to one’s hair follicles. One requires a healthy blood flow to one’s scalp and hair to have thick, healthy hair. When using acupressure treatment one may achieve just that. This helps to boost your immune system and provides the proper circulation of blood in your body.

Acupressure Points for Hair Growth Infographic:

Home Remedies for Hair Growth:

Another, great use of using acupressure is that it rids one body of toxins to help increase blood flow to your face keeping your body clean and healthy from the inside. In the process, your scalps freed from dead skin cells, infections, and dandruff.

Acupoints for Improving Hair Growth:

There are many different acupoints found in one’s body to help improve hair growth, however, the most important one is the Paihui Spot. One can find this pressure point on one’s head, at the top right point. One needs to stimulate this Acupoint by rubbing it several times to increase the growth of one’s hair.

Acupressure Points for Hair growth Infographic
Acupressure Points for Hair growth Infographic

One can do this several times during your day, helps to relax one’s scalp, and lets the blood vessels in one’s head feel invigorated. This again helps to provide excellent growth, as new hairs boosted and grew thicker. Some other acupoints for hair growth include pressure points found in the stomach, abdomen, and on the back.

How to Present Oneself with Acupressure:

The first step is to learn about all the pressure points and important to benefit from these acupressure techniques.

The First Acupoint for Hair Growth:

Stimulating the Paihui
Stimulating the Paihui

The first step is to take your finger, twirl it through a hair strand, and pull it gently at the root. Keep repeating this at the same point as it helps to stimulate the nerves of one’s scalp as all your hair follicles given a relaxing outcome.

The Second Acupoint for Hair Growth:

The second pressure point is the Paihui Spot and easy to find. Place your finger on your brow and start counting about eight fingers to find the spot. Once you have the correct point, use circular movements with your fingers, and give your scalp a massage. Now slowly move to other parts of your scalp, massage each of these acupoints, and make the strokes firmer.

Third Acupoint for Hair Growth:

Massaging the Paihui
Massaging the Paihui

Once completing massaging the previous point, one needs to move your attention to your occipital ridge and this is where the muscles of your scull come together. This found above your neck on the hairline and an important acupressure point. While using your thumb apply pressure to this Acupoint and hold it for a while as much as you can. Once releasing you can feel the blood flowing through your neck up your head and helps relieve tension and stress related to losing of hair.

Fourth Acupoint for Hair Growth:

Completing the previous step start drawing a line to the center of the scalp and use your finger to draw the line. This line consists of many different acupoints that one can stimulate by applying light pressure. Use your finger pads to apply pressure and continue with the line until you reach the end of your hairline.

Massaging the Head
Massaging the Head

One always needs to remember that one’s scalp contains many important pressure points to help with the growth of one’s hair. Not only do these acupoints help with growth, but helps with many other ailments as well.

Final Word

Now that you know, all the acupressure points for hair growth try it! This is an easy acupressure method to use on you and by following the guideline set out above, you can only benefit from it. It will provide a better supply of oxygen. The flow of blood is important to help enhance hair growth and provides natural nourishment to one’s scalp from the inside. At the same time using acupressure will make, you feel relaxed while your hair becomes healthy and gorgeous.