Top 10 Best Acupressure Foot Mats – Bed of Nails

Top 10 Best Acupressure Foot Mats – Bed of Nails

Today there is a remedy available for every ailment or at least almost all. One of the best medicines for the body is using an acupressure foot mat. Standing on the rug for a couple of minutes can help decrease your stress and many other aches & pains as well.

Instead of using needles, you can give your feet a treatment of luxury without fearing the dreadful needle. However, if you want to take it a step further, you can get yourself a bed of nails made with hundreds of short needles. You can use it to sit, stand, or lie on it for the best results.

So if you are ready to free your body of pain and stress make sure to read our acupressure foot mat buyer’s guide before buying one.

Best Acupressure Foot Mats

The benefits of acupressure foot mats are endless as they apply pressure to 14 acupoints connected to different organs in the body. Are you ready to purchase one? We are glad you have made the right choice—check the best acupressure foot mats here.

1. ACUSWEDE Acupressure Mat

For the fitness freak, we have the right solution to keep your body comfortable, especially after training. The acupressure mat offers you the versatility to use on different parts of the body. You can use it to relieve muscle tension, headaches, and more.

ACUSWEDE Acupressure Mat
ACUSWEDE Acupressure Mat

The rugs are equipped with 14,000 invigorating points to help defeat different aches & pains. The mat has a wetsuit-type material that is easy to clean and comes with a carrying case for storage.

Furthermore, the acupoints comprise medical-grade material. The products are versatile to roll and use behind the neck or placed on the floor for standing.


  • Consists of 14,000 pressure points made with medical-grade material
  • The exteriors are made with a wetsuit-type material that is easy to clean
  • Covers a wide area to reduce pain and recover the body faster after strenuous training
  • Helps with an effective sleep aid and is convenient to use for up to 20 minutes at a time
  • Compact with the included travel case to take anywhere

  • Covers a large area of the body
  • You get excellent results after 20 minutes of use every day
  • Easy to clean
  • Carry case for taking anywhere and ease of storage

  • No one said it is not going to be painful at first, but you get used to it

Top 10 Best Acupressure Foot Mats - Bed of Nails 1

If you need a larger acupressure mat offering you, versatility to use anywhere, this is the one to have. You can use it on the bed, chair, or floor to treat different ailments in the body. Give your feet an excellent massage; you can stand on it for up to 5 minutes at a time to achieve outstanding results.

2. BUDALGA Foot Massage Mat

The reflexology massage mat offers you the versatility to use it anywhere. You can take it with you to the office, on vacation, or use it at home. The medical grade TPE construction is easy to clean and lightweight with a compact design. What makes it so unique is that it brings you pain but helps relieve stress.

BUDALGA Foot Massage Mat
BUDALGA Foot Massage Mat

The rug comprises the same pressure points applied in foot acupressure and is excellent to use after a long day at work. The weight is 360 grams and measures 15.35-inches in length and has a width of 11.41-inches.


  • Made with non-toxic and non-slip TPE
  • The foot massage pad helps relieve stress and toxins in the body to improve the immune system
  • Has a portable design and weighs 360 grams with a dimension of 15.35 x 11.41 inches
  • Comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Leaves you with happy feet when standing on it for a couple of minutes
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact to take anywhere

  • Minor complaints that the mat is hard and hurts, acupressure is supposed to be uncomfortable when used for the first time

Top 10 Best Acupressure Foot Mats - Bed of Nails 1

Are you a teacher who stands on your feet all day? You will love this acupressure foot mat from BUDALGA. You can use it for up to 5 minutes a time for the best results. There may be a slight odor when taken from the box but does subside so try it you will not feel disappointed.

3. Super India Acupressure Health Kit

For a low-cost solution to do a spot treatment on the bottom of your feet, nothing comes close to this acupressure mat combo. Do you need a full body treatment, this kit is not the one to buy. You get the instruction manual with all the information on how to use the set.

There are two wooden face massagers with acupressure mats to treat cramps, plantar fasciitis, migraines, and more. Furthermore, you can wear on your thumb a powered thumb with one-size-fits-all all. The entire set comprises 22 bio magnets, a micro point charger, and an energy ball.

Super India Acupressure Health Kit
Super India Acupressure Health Kit

The foot acupressure mat helps to improve your blood flow to every part of the body to make you feel refreshed. The acupressure ball is sturdy and has a pocket size to take anywhere. You can roll it in your hand for five minutes to relieve anxiety and improve the muscles in your hand.

Lastly, you get Su-Jok rings to help with concentration and more. You can use them anywhere to revive your fingers at work or when studying.


  • Include two wooden face massagers for deep tissue penetration to rejuvenate the skin
  • Instructions included on how to use the products individually
  • Made with durable material that is practically unbreakable
  • You get an acupressure foot mat with 22 bio magnets
  • There is also a micro point charger, energy ball, and Su-Jok rings included in the set

  • Affordable price for a versatile kit to use on different parts of the body
  • Compact to take anywhere
  • Made with durable material

  • Some users mentioned the instructions were not included so best to check with the supplier before buying

Top 10 Best Acupressure Foot Mats - Bed of Nails 1

If you want, a complete acupressure set to use on the feet, face, and hands the kit here is ideal to use. You can tackle various conditions in the body from rejuvenating your skin to massaging your feet and hands.

4. AHCS Acupressure Wooden Foot Mat

The wooden acupressure mat is simple to use. You need to stand on it and do spot walking for up to 5 minutes twice a day. The wooden pad works with pyramid power and acupressure combined.

Top 10 Best Acupressure Foot Mats - Bed of Nails 4

You can even use it to warm up your body by stepping on it for up to five minutes daily before starting your day. With the wooden mat, you get full body blood circulation which helps relieve constipation, indigestion, diabetes, and renal problems.


  • Made with wood with pyramid power acupoints
  • Gives you complete body blood circulation when stepping on it for up to five minutes
  • Suitable for men and women to use in any age group
  • Comprise a comfortable handle for storage

  • Solid construction
  • Easy to use
  • Helps relieve stress and pains in the feet
  • Make you feel relaxed

  • Painful, but you do get used to it

Top 10 Best Acupressure Foot Mats - Bed of Nails 1

For those of you who need to relax or start your day refreshed the acupressure wooden mat can help you do just that. By using the carpet for five minutes twice a day, you can relieve different symptoms throughout the body. The pyramid acupoints apply pressure to 14 meridian points in the sole.

5. Super India Store Acupressure Power Mat

Here we have another reflexology acupressure mat from the Super India Store with some lovely goodies included. In total, you receive 24 products. There is a reflexology chart for your hand and feet to show you the vital acupoints. You get two Su-Jok rings for the finger.

Super India Store Acupressure Power Mat
Super India Store Acupressure Power Mat

Additionally, you get a thumb ring, two wooden face massagers one soft and a hard one, wooden acupressure Jimmy & K-Roll Jimmy. With the acupressure health kit, you can treat different parts of the body to relieve pain, and stress, and rejuvenate the skin.

The devices are easy to use and one size fits all. Furthermore, the mat consists of 22 bio magnets, a micro point charger, and an energy ball.


  • Twenty-four products to provide you with complete acupressure healthcare
  • Comes in an attractive design with durable material and unbreakable
  • The rings are one-size-fits-all, and everyone can use it
  • Include an acupressure mat to use under the feet to improve the blood flow
  • Comes with a pocket-sized power ball you can roll in the hands
  • You get a reflexology chart for the hands and feet

  • Comes with different items included
  • Versatile to use
  • Helps with relieving different ailments in the body
  • Makes you feel relaxed
  • The mat provides you with reflexology, magnetic power foot, and a kneading board

  • Everyone is raving about the misspelled acupressure word, but some users found the rug a bit on the thin side

Top 10 Best Acupressure Foot Mats - Bed of Nails 1

Whether you noticed the misspelled word or not the acupressure health kit includes loads of accessories available in different packages. If you only need the acupressure mat, you can buy it individually here.

6. YL Acupressure Massager

Compared to using an acupressure wooden mat you can always settle for the foot massager tool from YL. The massage tool measures 31cm wide by 21.5cm high, making it compact to take anywhere. The solid wood construction comes with a foot massage application.

YL Acupressure Massager
YL Acupressure Massager

You can use it while sitting down and suitable for middle-aged people to use. Compared to other acupressure mats you can use standing this one’s recommended when sitting down. By rolling your feet over the acupoints, you can massage a large area of the feet.


  • Comprise five rows of massage pedals handmade with solid wood
  • Fits the curve of the sole perfectly
  • Has a non-slip structure and is convenient to use when seated

  • Easy to use when working
  • Keeps the body relaxed when used
  • Triggers different acupoints in the feet

  • You cannot use it standing

Top 10 Best Acupressure Foot Mats - Bed of Nails 1

The wooden acupressure massage tool is excellent to use while sitting and working. If you sit all day, the acupressure tool can help keep the blood circulation in your feet and legs moving. So get yourself one and start using those legs while working or watching TV.

7. Anja Acupressure Massage Mat

Are you hunting for an excellent acupressure foot mat? We can help you with the Anja offering you comfort, portability, style, and affordable price. The Anja is one of the best acupressure mats for losing weight. Further, it helps treat aches in the body as well.

Anja Acupressure Massage Mat
Anja Acupressure Massage Mat

The 5000 lotus spikes provide extreme pressure to the 14 meridian points found in the feet. You can use it to lie down on or use it as a stepping mat. Furthermore, you get an environmentally friendly mat made with luxurious linen and cotton. The spikes are made of ABS plastic and the filling is natural coconut fiber.


  • You get natural healing from inside with the organic cotton and linen cover
  • Comprise 5000 lotus spikes made of ABS to apply pressure to the acupoints throughout the body
  • Can relax on it for a back massage or use it standing for the best reflexology treatment
  • Use it for a stiff neck, lower back pain, headaches, weight loss, and more
  • Dye-free mat filled with natural coconut fiber and includes a carry bag

  • Beautiful and well-made
  • The neutral color looks great
  • Covers a wide area of the body
  • Easy to use and clean

  • Painful at first but gets better

Top 10 Best Acupressure Foot Mats - Bed of Nails 1

If you are considering buying a Spoonk, Bed of Nails, or Anja, we highly recommend the last one. You can use it at your desk while standing or use it at home. The uses are endless, and it can even help detoxify your body while following a healthy diet and exercising.

8. Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat

Nothing comes more original than the Bed of Nails for the best acupressure treatment — the quality and features are fantastic with a pure cotton cover and 8800 spikes to relieve tension. With the embedded spikes, it helps release oxytocin and endorphins to help ease the pain.

Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat
Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat

Using the rug is simple placing it on the floor or bed. All you need to do is rest your body gently on it for up to 20 minutes. If you find the acupoints are, a bit uncomfortable, you can place a sheet over it. You can use it standing, and the compact design makes it comfortable to take anywhere.


  • BON is made with gentle spikes, and the fabric is easy to clean
  • Affordable to treat neck, back, insomnia, and other pains
  • Comprise 8800 nodes with natural cotton cover and eco-friendly filling
  • Include a stylish Bed of Nails carry bag

  • Has a high nail count and is similar to the design of the original bed of nails found in India
  • Powerful to relieve back pain
  • Works anywhere and is easy to carry and use
  • Comfortable

  • The spikes are sharp so take care when handling

Top 10 Best Acupressure Foot Mats - Bed of Nails 1

While the BOD does not come with a neck pillow included and a high price, it remains one of the best acupressure mats. The nail count offers a proper weight distribution compared to other mats. It does take time to get used to, as the spikes are sharp and uncomfortable at first. You can use it to lie on or place it on the floor to stand and walk.

9. ROSENICE Walk Stone Mat

Relax your feet on the walk stone mat from ROSENICE. You can enjoy a comfortable foot massage in the comfort of your home. The foot acupressure mat has a durable construction and is soft. By standing on the pad, you can stimulate blood circulation in your feet, legs, and more.

ROSENICE Walk Stone Mat
ROSENICE Walk Stone Mat

You can use the rug indoors or outdoors and measures 13.4 inches in length with a width of 13.4 inches. The carpet has a PP plastic structure that is hard and wear-resistant. On the exterior is a printout of all the meridian points found in the feet stimulated by the stones.


  • Durable PP construction that is easy to clean and use indoors or outdoors
  • Space-saving design measuring 13.4 x 13.4-inches wide
  • Stones are strategically placed to apply pressure to the acupoints in the feet
  • Helps stimulate the blood flow to strengthen the immunity system

  • Comfortable to use
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Helps relieve tension in the muscles
  • Can use it anywhere

  • Has a plastic smell at first but does go away

Top 10 Best Acupressure Foot Mats - Bed of Nails 1

For many, the stones on the acupressure foot mat are a bit hard, but you do get used to it after a while. The product is affordable compared to other reflexology acupressure mats reviewed on the list. If you need a reasonably priced acupuncture treatment, this is the way to go.

10. My Life My Shop Sole Reflexology Massage Mat

On the reflexology mat, you get 3000 tiny bumps supplying pressure to your meridian points found in the feet. You can stand or move around on it for a great foot massage. The compact design makes it possible for you to take it to work, use it at home, or help on vacations.

My Life My Shop Sole Reflexology Massage Mat
My Life My Shop Sole Reflexology Massage Mat

The best is to start using the mat for up to 60 seconds a day and gradually work it up to five minutes. Included you get a foot reflexology chart to target specific areas of the feet. You can buy it in black or blue to fit in with your lifestyle.


  • The mat has 3000 small bumps varying in sizes that work on different acupoints when used
  • Include a foot reflexology chart
  • Can buy it in black or blue
  • Can use it anywhere with its spacious design
  • Only need to use it for up to five minutes a day

  • Less expensive compared to other brands
  • Helps relieve tension in the feet
  • Gets comfortable after a while
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean

  • Not made for soft feet and is best used with a pair of thick socks for the first couple of days

No one said acupressure therapy is not painful at first as with any exercise, beautification product, or relaxing tool you do not benefit if there is not some pain. With the acupressure foot mat, you do get comfortable after using it for a while but do not get too relaxed, as it may need to target other areas of the body as well.

Top 10 Best Acupressure Foot Mats - Bed of Nails 1

Which Acupressure Foot Mat Do You Want?

Whether you want to lose weight or make sure your feet are relaxed after standing all day—we hope you find the best acupressure foot mat to help here. The Bed of Nails is ideal and favorable to help reduce weight and comes top of the list. The product is eco-friendly made of natural cotton with ABS plastic and allergic allergy-free.

For a complete health solution, the Super India Store selection includes loads of goodies to treat different areas of the body is excellent. While some users complain it has a cheap construction, others feel it offers you versatility for the price. No matter which reflexology tool you choose—these are the top selections to buy online.

Why Do You Need an Acupressure Foot Mat?

Compared to acupuncture which works with needles using a Reflexology Acupressure Foot Massage Mat is entirely different. There are no needles, especially have you have a phobia against it. Acupressure works with substantial pressure to activate meridian points found in the sole to relieve stress and so much more.

However, both treatments activate 14 acupoints in the body. The majority of these mats have a solid disc construction to provide adequate pressure on the pressure points. Using acupressure is a big life safer if you have a busy schedule as the techniques are similar to using a certified practitioner to massage your feet.

Further, the tool is powerful in managing your pain as it applies pressure to different parts of the body. There are different acupressure pads available in a variety of sizes. Some rugs compile durable polyethylene with organic covers while others are acupressure wooden foot mats.

The choice is yours when it comes to selecting one—so stay a while longer and find out what the acupressure tool can do for you.

Acupressure Foot Mat How to Use It

The oldest method of acupressure is using your fingers to apply pressure to the reflex points in the feet. Further, it helps you to relax your mind and body. The fantastic thing is the acupressure tools are equipped with tons of plastic pins that help to activate the meridian points by standing on them.

In the process, it helps boost your blood circulation, and may feel uncomfortable at first. However, once you are used to the feeling, you will start appreciating the therapy. What happens is the discs nudge into the skin to activate different organs in the body and provide muscle relaxation.

Furthermore, some acupressure mats you can use on other parts of the body as well by lying on it, placing it behind the back, neck, and more.

Acupressure Foot Mat Benefits

Not only does the mat offer you improved blood circulation but also does much more:

  • You can lay the rug on a flat surface to rest the body on or use it as a tiny pillow to treat migraines
  • Alternatively, you can place the acupressure mat on the bed or floor to treat neck and back pain
  • Furthermore, it helps with deep sleep treatment by resting your body on the acupressure mat
  • With the smaller-sized reflexology acupressure foot mat, you can get a facial treatment as well
  • You can place the pad on your abdominal area for up to 25 minutes for abdomen tranquility

How Do You Pick the Best Acupressure Foot Mat?

One product is not the same as another when it comes to comfort, functionality, price, and portability. Always remember to look at the following points when making your selection:

Material – as mentioned you can find the reflexology tool made with different materials. You can see them made with wood, polyethylene, foam, covers with acupoints, and more. If you choose one with a cover, make sure the fabric is washable and breathable and the pressure points are made of ABS plastic. Do you have hypersensitive skin? The best is to pick one made with a cotton cover with hypoallergenic foam inside.

Portability – this part all comes down to where you plan to use the acupressure foot mat. Do you travel then look for one with a travel size and bag to keep the product clean and transportable. You can find different acupressure combo mat sets available as well.

The Price – depending on the materials used to construct the mat will determine the costs. The foot acupressure mat usually is cheaper than your large-sized mat providing a rubdown to the back. As the sizes differ, the costs escalate. So take note of the sizes available.

Foot Massage Mat Acupressure Reflexology—does it work?

Whether it works or not is debatable. The best option is to look at acupressure foot mat reviews to see what the feedback is. Some people found it helps to treat various ailments in the body, especially in the feet.

So if you sit for hours at the desk and suffer from back pain why not try it—you have nothing to lose. However, you do need to note if you suffer from heart disease or are pregnant acupressure can cause harm instead of good.

The best is to talk to your doctor if you have any form of significant disease. If you know, you have no threatening ailments you can check the acupressure foot mats available here and get yourself one.

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