Acupressure Points for Back Pain – Important Tips

When it comes to back pain, it is one of the most common pains caused in the body and mostly caused by trauma. This can be from straining ones back at work while lifting something, sports injuries, car accidents and more. In some cases, one will need treatment that includes chiropractic treatment, massage, acupuncture, and physiotherapy.

Acupressure Points for Back Pain
Acupressure Points for Back Pain

However, as with Acupuncture where one uses fine needles inserted into the skin, there is a more supple way of ridding oneself of back pain, and that is Acupressure. When using acupressure points for back pain, one uses your elbow, fingers or thumbs bringing relief to those parts that one is suffering from pain.

Always Consult a Doctor – Acupressure Points for Back Pain

If you find that, you do have a back pain that does not go away after a couple of days it is best to see your doctor have it examined. Before one opts for using acupressure, our doctor may prescribe you some anti-inflammatory medication to help relieve the back pain.

Alternatively, may refer you to a chiropractor, osteopath, or massage therapist if the pain persists. If one has normal back pain it may not be serious, however, can become a serious medical condition if one does not take care of it and these include:

  • Spinal joint sprains
  • Muscle strains
  • Spinal nerve irritation
  • Spinal disc degeneration

This is why it is so important to pay a visit to your doctor to make sure that back pain does not become a serious medical condition. Acupressure treatment suitable for normal back pain and will not cure serious back pain, especially if it is cancer-related.

If you do decide to go the acupressure way after consulting with your doctor make an appointment to see a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner to learn more about the available acupressure points for back pain. You may need to have about three treatments a week to start with for about two weeks.

Back Acupoints

Using Acupoints in the Back

Apart from where one may observe back pain, there are certain Acupoints along one’s spine discovered that helps to alleviate pain, especially if they resulted naturally from picking up heavy objects, arthritis, and more.

These pressure points in the lower backs found just above the level of one’s hipbones within the Paraspinal muscles and referred to as Acupoints B-23 and B-47. By stimulating these points on both sides of one’s spine helps to relieve painful low, back pain caused by pinched nerves or shooting leg pain.

These acupressure points for lower back pain one can reach easily by yourself and pressing down on these Acupoints with your thumb while holding firmly for about one minute at a time and releasing gradually will help to relieve pain.

Using Acupoints in the Hips

For relieving low, back pain, and hip pain one can use the Acupoint found on one’s hips. This point found further down your backside often referred to as the B-48 point and found a few inches on the side to the tailbone – and outwardly to the right over the dimples above your butt muscles.

Acupressure Points for Back Pain
Hipbone Points – Acupressure Points for Back Pain

Using Acupoints in the Buttocks

In the fleshiest part of one’s buttocks, you can find the pressure point G-30 slightly below B-48, specifically in the Piriformis muscle beneath your larger Gluteus Maximus muscles. Here for best results, one needs to press down and inwards with gradual movements of the thumb to the center of your buttocks.

Hold firmly without applying too much pressure for a few minutes and release gradually, without irritating the nerves found in this area. When completing these acupressure points for back pain treatment, it is best to apply some ice wrapped in a thin towel and place it on the back and hip muscles for about 15 minutes. This helps with the bruising and tenderness found with acupressure treatment.

Arm Acupoints for Back Pain

When one uses acupressure or acupuncture endorphins and serotonin is released in the body and acts as a natural painkiller. By applying pressure between the thumb and forefinger also known as LI-4 is effective to not only relieve back pain but other ailments as well.

Between Index Finger and Thumb
Between Index Finger and Thumb

Here one can apply pressure while relaxing on a bed or sofa on this Acupoint for at least 10 seconds and release for 5 seconds – repeat this method at least three times.

Elbow Pressure Points

When applying acupressure to any point of the body, one needs to remember that these points may be tender when you first press on them. However, the feeling eventually subsides the more you apply pressure. When using the elbow pressure point, one needs to sit in a comfortable position and raise your arm to find this Acupoint referred to as LU-6.

elbow pressure point
elbow pressure point

One can find this point in your lower arm below the point where your elbow joints flex. Alternatively, you can count on four fingers from your elbow and start with the side that hurts the most in your back. Apply pressure to this point for 30 seconds three to four times over a course of 5 to 10 minutes. After completing the side, that hurts the most moves on to the other side as well.

After completing treatment to these points apply some ice as mentioned above, or one can also make use of frozen gel packs as they help to control pain and inflammation as well.

Leg Acupoints

Applying Pressure to the Feet

While, in a lying position, one can stimulate the Acupoint found between the big and second toe, also known as the sleeping position. To receive best results one needs to press down on the top of your feet in the webbing and hold firmly for 30 seconds and releasing gradually and one needs to do both feet.

Back Pain Pressure Points
Back Pain Pressure Points

Other great options to place your feet in an ice bath before applying pressure to prevent bruising from taking place.

Applying Pressure to the Soles

Another pressure point is very beneficial when used while sitting relaxed and found at the bottom of the feet, closer to your toes than the heel. One needs to massage the bottom of one’s feet for a few minutes before one can locate this Acupoint.


Here you need to press down with your thumb firmly and hold for 30 seconds and release and remember to do both feet with short rests in between. Many people are very ticklish beneath their feet, and one can apply some peppermint lotion that causes a tingling feeling, making them less sensitive to touch.

This point is great to help with back pain and prevent using for women who are pregnant as this is another point to help induce uterine contractions.

Applying Pressure Behind the Knees

For relieving back stiffness as well as pain in one’s hips, knees, and legs using Acupoints B-54 found behind the knees below the knee joint center and B-53 found a few inches on the side of the knee joint of the calf muscle is best for these types of pain.

Important Acupressure Points for Back Pain
Important Acupressure Points for Back Pain

Here you need to use your thumb and press for 30 seconds at a time behind both knees successively, and known as the commanding middle by acupressure therapists.

Acupressure Points for Different Back Pains

Acupressure points for back pain are conventional physical therapy that can provide relief to pain in the back caused by different ailments.

Back pain is cause related to stress, tiredness, and spasms. Therefore, by applying pressure to specific points, it helps heal your body from infections.

You can use the treatment for pain arising from injuries, tension, and stiffness. Therefore, if you are a sufferer from regular back pain, you can use the following acupoints to help relieve lower, mid, and upper back pain.

As mentioned, there are different acupoints for treating back pain. To make it simpler for you, we have categorized them into groups.

Acupressure Points to Relieve Back Pain

Applying pressure to the following acupressure points for back pain relief can help make the pain more bearable:

  1. GB 21 Acupressure Point

Jian Jing therapists use to help relieve stiffness, neck pain, headaches, and tension in the shoulder. Therefore, if you experience stress in the back or joints the acupoints effective to use. However, if you are pregnant, we do not recommend using this pressure point as it can induce labor.

Position of GB21

The acupoint is two fingers width at the bottom of the neck on top of the shoulders.

How to Apply Pressure:

  • Use your opposite hand and rub the upper shoulder to find the pressure point
  • Once finding GB21 curve your index and middle finger to hook it over the spot
  • Apply pressure by letting the hook support the weight of your arm
  • Massage and hold for up to five seconds 
  1. GB 10 Acupressure Point

Applying pressure to GB 10 helps relieve aches and tension in your neck and stimulates the hormonal function of the body.

Position of GB 10

Place one thumb below your skull and one thumb distance from the spine to locate the spot.

How to Apply Pressure:

  • Use your thumb on the same side of the arm to apply mild and prolonged pressure to the spot
  • You can apply pressure to the point throughout the day especially at night for up to three minutes
  1. TE3 Acupressure Point

The following acupressure point for back pain in the hands you can use to relieve neck tension, shoulder tension, and headaches as well.

Position of TE3

You find the acupoint in the central islet located between the groove formed by the tendons connecting your fourth and fifth finger, behind the knuckles.

How to Apply Pressure:

  • Place your thumb from the opposite hand on the spot
  • Apply firm pressure with the tip of the thumb into the groove
  • Hold it for up to five seconds at a time
  • You can do this several times throughout the day to relieve upper body tension
  1. LI 4 Acupressure Point

Massaging the LI 4 acupoint eases upper back pain, facial tension, toothaches, and neck stiffness. Therefore, after a long day at work and feeling stressed, it helps to apply pressure to reduce stress.

Location of LI 4

You find the pressure point in the web between your thumb and index finger. To find the spot, bring your two fingers together bringing the thumb and index finger in contact with each other. There is a bump found in the muscle and LI 4 is at the highest point of the bulge.

How to Apply Pressure:

  • Use your other hand and grasp the spot with your thumb and index finger
  • Apply up to 10 seconds of pressure and relax or massage the region for up to five seconds
  • You can repeat the method up to three times for relief
  1. K 27 Acupressure Point

The acupressure point for back pain in the hand is a vital point to help release tension in the throat, upper back, and chest. It will help you to relax and breathe deeply.

Location of K 27

Place one fingertip below your collarbone on both sides to find the spot.

How to Apply Pressure:

  • Use your opposite hand and press firmly on the point for a few seconds
  • Alternatively, you can rub the area while applying pressure
  • Hold it for two minutes and breathe deep and slow
  • You can repeat the technique for up to five times a day
  1. GV 14 Acupressure Point

Using pressure on GV 14 helps relieve stiffness and pain in your shoulders and neck. If you are suffering from cervical spondylosis, this is a useful acupressure point to use.

Location of GV 14

You find the acupoint at shoulder level on the midline of your upper back.

How to Apply Pressure:

  • You need to apply pressure to the spot in a seated position for a minute
  • Here you will need to ask another person to help
  • Furthermore, your threshold of pain and comfort helps limit the pressure
  1. SI 15 Acupressure Point

To help ease neck and back pain connected to cervical spondylosis using the SI 15 points effective. It also helps alleviate tension and stress.

Location of SI 15

SI 15 you find in the middle shoulder area located two-finger widths away from your spine.

How to Apply Pressure:

  • The acupressure points unreachable so you will need to ask someone to help
  • While sitting the person needs to apply pressure with his or her thumb or use the knuckles on the spot
  • Applying pressure depends on your pain threshold when holding for up to two minutes

Acupressure Points for Pain in Lower Back 

Here are the acupoints for treating hip and lower back pain.

  1. CV 6 Acupressure Point

The Sea of Energy point you find in the stomach, you use it to treat lower back pains. Furthermore, it helps to strengthen the muscles in your lower body between the hip and waist.

Location of CV 6

Hold three of your fingers using the index, middle, and ring finger together and place it under the belly button. There is a firm region you can feel using your ring finger.

How to Apply Pressure:

  • Keep your three fingers together and hold it on the spot firmly
  • Hold a steady pressure for about one minute
  • Repeat the method for up to three times within a ten-minute interval
  • If you suffer from a weak stomach or gastric trouble use the base of your palm for applying gentle pressure
  1. B23 Acupressure Point

The Kidney Shu is an acupressure point for treating lower back pain and stimulates muscle tension and best to ask someone to help apply pressure to the spot.

Location of B23

You find the acupoint in the middle region between your hipbone and rib cage. To locate it, you find it where the inner bladder line meets up with the middle of your waist.

How to Apply Pressure:

  • It helps if you lay face down for the person to find the spot and apply pressure for a minute
  • While applying pressure, you need to take deep breaths and exhale for the person to increase the force to the place
  • Once you reach your pain threshold stop and repeat for another minute
  1. B47 (B52) Acupressure Point

Adjacent to B23 you find the B47 acupressure point for pain relief in the lower back. Here you will also need the help of another person to apply pressure to the spot.

Location of B47 (B52)

You find the spot on the outer bladed line in the center of the waist on the right border of the erector muscle group.

How to Apply Pressure:

  • It would be best if you lay face down, and the person needs to apply steady pressure for about a minute
  • While applying pressure, you need to take deep breaths and exhale as the person applies pressure
  1. GV4 Acupressure Point

Governing Vessel 4 or the Life Gate is useful to use for lumbar back pain. Furthermore, it helps to treat sexual problems in men, fatigue, and weakness in the knees.

Location of GV4                               

The Life Gate acupressure point you find at your waistline (at the same level as the B23) in between the vertebrae.

How to Apply Pressure:

  • Here you will also need the help of another person to apply pressure
  • Lying face down take deep breaths and exhale as pressure is applied
  • The person needs to apply steady pressure for a minute and release
  1. B60 Acupressure Point

The Bladder 60 point you find on the leg and stimulating it relieves lumbar pain. You can also treat headaches, dizziness, and neck pain with it. However, do not use if pregnant as it leads to induced labor.

Location of B60                                

Bladder 60 you find between your (Kunlun Mountains) Achilles tendon and outer anklebone.

How to Apply Pressure:

  • Use your thumb on the spot and grip the ankle by applying up to 30 seconds of pressure and release
  • Keep alternating between the legs for up to four times in each session
  1. LV 3 Acupressure Point

Tai Chone or the Great Rushing point, helps with stress relief, lower back pain, and limb pain.

Location of LV 3                               

You can find it easily where the bones of your big toe and the next toe meet. It is about three inches from the tip of your big toe.

How to Apply Pressure:

  • With the thumb apply gentle pressure for 30 seconds and release
  • Furthermore, alternate between your legs for up to four times per session
  1. B54 (B40) Acupressure Point

The Bladder 54 point helps release tension in the lower back and helps control muscle spasms as well.

Location of B54                                

You find the Middle Crook at the back of your knee in the center of the crease.

How to Apply Pressure:

  • Apply pressure using your thumb for up to 30-seconds and repeat for up to 15 minutes

Acupressure Points for Mid Back Pain Relief  

The truth is that when you search for middle back acupoints on the internet, you seem to get lower or upper back points. Luckily, we are here to help with the following acupoints. Using one or more of these acupressure points with your free hand is useful.

UB20 Acupressure Point

Pi Shu is useful for more than mid back pain and helps with vomiting, indigestion, abdominal bloating, and more.

Location of UB20                             

Pi Shu, you find in the middle of the back three finger widths lateral to your spine on the eleventh thoracic vertebra

How to Apply Pressure:

  • Here you will need the help of another person to apply pressure with the thumb to both points
  • Apply gentle pressure for up to two minutes at a time while you are lying face down
  • Make sure to take deep breaths and slowly exhale

Acupressure Points on Palm for Back Pain

While the acupressure points for back pain chart, mentions the above acupoints, there is another spot you can find on the palm to treat back pain.

The Hand Valley point you find between your first finger and thumb. Applying pressure firmly to the spot helps reduce stress and relieve migraines while stopping the pain in the back. Furthermore, it helps with tension in the neck, shoulder, and teeth.

Acupressure Points for Back Pain during Pregnancy

As you progress during your pregnancy, you find your baby is adding more weight to your back and legs. Whether you suffer from upper back pain or lower back acupressure can help relieve the annoying pain.

By applying up to two minutes of pressure to the following point, you can find relief:

  • The first acupoint you locate in the web section between your big and 2nd toe
  • The second acupressure point is below the kneecap and found by placing four finger widths below it. The spots situated to the outer side of your leg.

Using any of the acupressure points for back pain is safe, and it has no side effects. However, we do recommend you use your medication prescribed with the acupressure at the same time.

Furthermore, if you have had risk factors related to blood clots, it is best to speak to your doctor first before receiving an acupressure treatment or massage.

As you can see, there are many pressure points found throughout the body. You can apply pressure to the majority of these points while some may need the help of a loved one or licensed practitioner.

On the other hand, acupressure therapy helps to relieve different pains but is not for treating illnesses. What makes it unique is that you can use it to treat headaches, nausea, back pain, and more without grabbing for a painkiller first.

So go ahead and try it you have nothing to lose!


By using these acupressure points for back pain properly and working them with care, you can help relieve natural pain caused throughout your day. These provide quick results when applied every day, and if you are not able to do it, yourself call on a friend or pay a qualified Acupressure Therapist a visit to receive the best results.



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