Acupressure Points for Headache & Migraine Relief with Home Remedies:

Two of the most common pains in a person’s life are headaches and migraines. Headaches cause minute disruptions in a person’s life while a migraine becomes a serious condition that no one can tolerate.

Acupressure Points for Headache & Migraine Relief
Acupressure Points for Headache & Migraine Relief

However, the first reaction when getting a headache is to grab for a pill. However, there are some natural ways that one can take care of these disruptions, and that is by using acupressure points for a headache & migraines.

Acupressure Points for Headache & Migraine Relief:

Headaches are caused by tension brought on by stress or emotions, whereas a migraine becomes more complex as one’s blood vessels in the brain enlarge and release chemicals causing inflammation and pain.

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Benefits of Reflexology for Migraine &Headache:

Most headaches and migraines start above the neck and excess muscle tension, and vascular imbalance is the main causes of these pains. However, one can benefit from reflexology when using headache relief pressure points.

These acupoints are easy to find in the neck, and one can treat it easily when compared to over the counter medicines that only provide instant relief. By using acupressure points for headache relief, it does not only relieve the pain but cures it in the process as well.

Acupressure Points for Headache & Migraine Relief Infographic:

Acupressure Points for Headache & Migraine Relief Infographic
Acupressure Points for Headache & Migraine Relief Infographic

Most Important Acupressure Points for Headache & Migraines:

One can find five explicit areas in the body that help in clearing meridian blockage so that energy can flow freely throughout one’s body. These help to release endorphins a natural pain relief killer that the body produces. These are as follows:

The Forehead

There are different acupoints found in the face and forehead known as Yang points. These acupoints are full of energy that’s produced from the face and head flowing in a downward position.

Third Eye Point Acupressure
Third Eye Point Acupressure

The Third Eye Point one can find between one’s eyebrows where the bridge of the nose meets your forehead. By applying pressure to these points helps one to improve concentration and reliefs headaches, eyestrain and believed to help with ulcer pains as well. One only needs to apply one minute of pressure and then move to the next point the bright light point.

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One can find this natural pain relief point situated in the inner corner of the eye, below the eyebrows. By applying one-minute pressure to both sides of your eye helps to relieve allergy symptoms and sinus headaches.

The Temple Area

The Temple Area
The Temple Area

Here one can find a chain of acupoints curling around the ear. These pressure points start from the top of your ear and found one finger width from one’s ear. One needs to work all these points simultaneously by applying pressure to relieve headaches found on the side of the head and great for migraines as well.

The Face Region or Welcome Fragrance

The Face Region or Welcome Fragrance
The Face Region or Welcome Fragrance

One can find these pressure points on both sides of the nostrils and applying pressure to these points opens the sinuses and helps to reduce tension headaches. Combined with the Third Eye Point, it works well for cleaning one’s sinuses.

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The Neck Area

Here one can find three different headache relief pressure points:

The Neck Area
The Neck Area

The Wind Pool points found at the back of one’s head and ½ ways between the ear and spine where the two muscles come together. These points help unblock nasal congestion, relieves pain in the eyes, headaches, migraines, ears, and throat.

At the edge of your shoulder, ½ ways between the point of the shoulder and the base of one’s neck are the Shoulder Well. This acupoint, when used, is great to relieve stiffness in the shoulders and neck. This makes one relax, preventing headaches from starting and great for spasms and asthma.

And lastly located two fingers below the base of your skull on the muscles that form a rope on both sides of the spine is Heaven’s Pillar helping to relieve aches found in the back of the neck, insomnia, stress, eyestrain and cough relief.

The Hands

The Hands
The Hands

Here you can find the Union Valley, known to relieve frontal headaches, releasing tension from the head & neck, back pain, and toothache. One can find this pressure point located between the thumb and index finger on the web.

The Foot

The Foot
The Foot

Last on our list of acupressure points for a headache and migraine, relief, is the Moving Between points. Applying pressure to this point relieves tiredness of the eyes, foot cramps, arthritis, and headaches. One can find this acupoint in the valley between one’s big and second toe.

Final Word

When it comes to headaches for many, it is a common problem. However, one should not neglect it. Instead of running to your medicine cabinet and reaching for some pills, know your acupressure points for a headache & migraine relief. It only takes a few minutes of your time to experiment with the different acupoints found mentioned above. Find out what these acupoints work best for you and provide the best pain relief.

Home Remedies for Headaches

Who of you has not suffered a headache in their lifetime? The truth is that everyone has had some form of pain in the head causing discomfort. The ache varies from mild to severe, and you may suffer from it occasionally or continuously. No matter what form of a headache you have, there are home remedies you can use to help relieve the pain.

Sometimes you can get one from the flu; sometimes you get it while pregnant and other times it can be during your period. No matter what the cause you can find a remedy here to help eradicate the problem. However, before we start with the best natural resources for headaches let us find out how to spot a severe headache.

How Do You Spot a Serious Headache?

In most cases, a pain in the head is not something to be concerned. However, some signs show you that your headache could be severe and you need to see a doctor:

  • If a migraine creeps, up on you unexpectedly and is severe
  • Visit your doctor if confusion accompanies the pain and causes blurred vision, partial paralysis and more
  • Accompanied by pain in the neck, fever, or difficulty turning the head
  • Keeps recurring in the same place for example above the eye
  • Wakes you up during the night

If you are suffering from headaches caused by pregnancy, acidity, dizziness, and periods make sure to read on for helpful remedies you can use.

Home Remedies for Headaches While Pregnant

During pregnancy, the body goes through changes and causes some bodily discomfort like heartburn, headaches, and nausea. You may find you get it more during your 1st and 3rd trimester. Unfortunately, you cannot take any medication as it could harm your baby. Therefore, to ensure the best option, you can try the following home remedies for headaches during your pregnancy.

  • Consume Enough Magnesium

Magnesium helps to relax muscles and helps prevent premature contraction. Further, it strengthens your muscles, and with a daily intake of 400mg, it can help avoid headaches during your pregnancy. You can consume one cup of spinach in a smoothie to make it interesting. You can blend one cup of spinach with two scoops of vanilla ice cream. Start by blanching the spinach in boiling water and combine it with the ice cream. Alternatively, you can add almonds to your diet.

  • Drink a Lot of Water

The best solution to treat headaches during your pregnancy is to drink water. The water keeps your body hydrated and energized. Try to drink eight ounces of water throughout the day.

  • Cold Compression

During your pregnancy, the blood vessels in your head expand and could cause a migraine. Use cold compression to shrink the cells and tighten the blood vessels to alleviate the pain. You can take a towel, dip it in cold-water lied down, and place it over your forehead and eyes. Nevertheless, if you have a tension headache, it is best to use warm compression instead by following the same method.

  • Ginger

Ginger is a natural remedy that helps to relieve nausea and headaches. The ginger stimulates muscle contraction and blocks prostaglandins to prevent migraines. Make yourself a nice cup of tea with one-inch of ginger root and some peppermint leaves with half a lemon. All you need is boiling water with the ingredients added and left to sit for five minutes before consuming.

  • Peppermint Oil

You can take a small number of drops of the oil in your palms and rub it together. Now apply the oil to your forehead and massage it in for a minute. You can do this before bedtime for the best results.

  • Drink Some Lemon Juice

Take half a lemon, squeeze it into a glass of water, and stir. Add some ginger ground and stir.

Other Tips to Help Relieve Pregnancy Headaches

  • Avoid drinking caffeine and get enough exercise
  • Consume small meals during the day and make sure you are getting enough proteins
  • Add some Epson salts to your bath water and relax
  • Do acupressure by applying pressure to the stress points in the body, but read up on what acupoints to avoid while pregnant

Home Remedy for a Headache during Periods

One of the most common causes of migraine during your menstrual cycle is hormonal changes. Here are some effective treatments to help you during this painful time.

  • Magnesium Supplement

As with pregnancy, the best remedy is to consume enough magnesium during your period to help relieve the pain. The mineral helps relax blood vessels, and with a daily intake of 400mg, you can prevent this from happening. You can consume whole grains, bananas, seafood, beans, and vegetables instead of taking medication.

  • Reduce Stress

During your period, you feel more stressed and could trigger a migraine. Try to change your lifestyle by quit smoking, consume less alcohol, and get enough sleep and exercise. You can meditate or do aerobic exercise as well. By doing a workout, helps to increase the levels of endorphins that is a natural painkiller found in the body.

  • Avoid Certain Foods

Avoid eating chocolate, processed meats, dried fruits with sulfites, red wine, caffeine, and cheese. Never skip breakfast and consume meals at regular intervals. However, not all the foods mentioned trigger a migraine with all people. To find out what to avoid you can keep track of what you eat when you get the symptoms. Once you know which foods trigger a headache, you can avoid eating them a week before your period.

Home Remedies for Headaches Caused by Acidity

When looking at headaches, one would not think that acidity in the stomach could cause a painful ache in the head. The problem is that the fermentation can also cause inflammation in the stomach leading to chest pain and heartburn. The best solutions not to take painkillers as it has side effects. Here are some natural remedies to help you relieve your headache if suffering from an acidic stomach.

  • Eucalyptus Oil – the oil helps reduce pain and relaxes your body leaving you with a calming effect. Take a small number of drops and rub it in your palms. Now massage it on your forehead for up to 15-minutes to feel better.
  • Basil Leaves – everyone has basil leaves in the home. You can eat up to 12 basil leaves for quick relief as it relaxes the body and gives a calming effect. Instead, you can make tea from it by boiling three leaves in a cup of hot water. Add some honey for taste.
  • Lemon – adds the juice of one lemon to lukewarm water and mix well. Alternatively, you can use the lemon crust applied to your forehead.
  • Cinnamon – takes some cinnamon sticks and grinds it into powder. Add a bit of the powder to a few drops of water to form a paste. Now apply the mixture to your forehead, leave for half an hour, and wash it off.
  • Coriander and Buttermilk Juice – take one tablespoon of coriander juice mixed with a glass of buttermilk and drink it.

Home Remedies for Headaches and Dizziness

Do you suffer from dizziness with your headache? The symptom can be severe and related to heart disease, inner ear infection, poor blood circulation, or high blood pressure. If you have visited the doctor and found there is nothing severe about it, you can use the following natural remedies to relieve the problem.

  • Ginger

The plant remains one of the best natural remedies to use for different ailments in the body. What the ginger does is promote the flow of blood to your brain and other parts of the boy. You can chew on a small piece of the root or suck a ginger candy to treat both a headache and dizziness. Alternatively, you can drink ginger tea or ginger ale a couple of times throughout the day.

  • Lemon

Here is our trusty old friend the lemon again. To cure headaches combined with dizziness the lemon is high in vitamin C and helps boost your immune system. You can drink half a cup of fresh lemon juice in a glass of water with honey for taste. Alternatively, you can mix a tablespoon of the liquid with water and add a pinch of black pepper powder and salt to drink.

  • Honey

Honey has anti-inflammatory properties that are effective for many different aches and pains. As the honey is natural sugar, it energizes your body and prevents low blood sugar. Mix a teaspoon of organic honey with a spoon of cinnamon powder and eat it. Alternatively, you can mix a couple of teaspoons with a couple of teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water to drink. On the other hand, you can combine it with the lemon juice in a glass of water and make a refreshing drink.

  • Massage

Another natural way to soothe and relieve built-up tension is to have a massage. Get some lavender oil to use for your rubdown as it helps to rid headaches and dizziness.

Final Thoughts

These are only a few home remedies to help relieve headaches. We hope that the information helps you to find a suitable solution to rid yourself of that dreadful headache. However, if a migraine continues after using natural remedies, please do visit your doctor for tests. The problem is that there are different reasons as to why you could be suffering from a tension headache. Take care always and have regular checkups done.


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