Acupressure Points for Shoulder Blade Pain

Acupressure Points for Shoulder Blade Pain

Do you suffer from shoulder discomfort then these acupressure points for shoulder blade pain may help to relieve it. Not only are the pressure points ideal for treating the burning sensation in the shoulder blade, but it is also useful for the neck as well.

Therefore, instead of grabbing the painkillers in the medicine cabinet, why not try them? You have nothing to lose and the best of all you can use it combined with your medical treatment at the same time.

Acupressure Points for Shoulder Blade Pain
Acupressure Points for Shoulder Blade Pain

Acupressure Points for Shoulder Blade Pain

However, before we discuss the pressure points, let us find out what causes shoulder blade pain.

Shoulder Blade Pain Causes

The common cause of shoulder blade pains is muscle strain. You may have overused your arms and upper torso. Sometimes the pain can also come from other muscle groups in the back and is felt mostly in the shoulders.

A fact is you can easily get confused with shoulder blade pain, as it can also be a sign of lung cancer or heart attack. Sometimes it can be your gall bladder causing severe pain.

Other causes can be:

  • Lifting something heavy
  • A poor posture sitting at the desk
  • Working on your computer for a long time
  • Any form of activity or exercise

These are only a few ways you can get shoulder discomfort. Therefore, if you have been having continuous pain in the shoulder blade, we recommend you visit your doctor.

Here we will look in detail at some of the possible causes.

Shoulder Blade Pain Gallbladder

The pear-shaped organ you find on the right upper abdomen under your ribcage. In most cases, it causes severe shoulder blade pain several hours after eating at night and will wake you up from your sleep.

The pains are not relieved by changing your position when sleeping or passing gas. You do not get heartburn but may feel nauseated.

Furthermore, the pain relates to other concerns like your heart and digestive system. Some gallbladder causes are:

  • Gallstones
  • Biliary Sludge (thickened bile salts)
  • Inflammation
  • Gallbladder Rupture and More

Therefore, it is essential to see your doctor if the pains are so severe and start increasing with your breathing.

Shoulder Blade Pain Radiating Down Arm

The pain, also known as referred pain, can be from different ailments as follows:

  • Heart problems like angina or heart attack usually go with chest pain. These types of pain can be confused with an upset stomach or heartburn as well.
  • Neck problems such as a pinched nerve can also cause shoulder blade pain down the arm.
  • Another cause can be problems in the lungs like a blood clot and feels as if you pulled your shoulder muscles.

Therefore, if the pain persists and applying pressure to acupressure points does not help visit a physician.

Shoulder Blade Pain in Pregnancy

The pain can be a result of an ectopic pregnancy when a fertilized egg implants outside the womb in one of the fallopian tubes.

The symptoms typically develop between your fourth and 12th week of pregnancy and range from missing a period, vaginal bleeding to shoulder tip pain.

The pain is unusual and you feel it in the shoulder ends where the arms begin. Unfortunately, no one knows why it started. The pregnancy results in internal bleeding and best to get medical advice immediately if you do experience this.

The pain is a joint shoulder blade pain in early pregnancy and is best not left alone.

Other symptoms of shoulder blade pain are as follows:

  • Shoulder blade pain and burning sensation usually occur when the shoulders are inflamed, causing a dull ached and related to an older shoulder injury.
  • Shoulder blade pain and breathing problems can be from spasms in the muscle, and acupressure treatments are a great way to relieve this pain.
  • Shoulder blade pain from the neck is usually an occurrence of a pinched nerve or muscle weakness.
  • Shoulder blade pain when coughing happens typically when your lungs are inflamed and need medical attention.
  • Shoulder blade pain from sleeping can be from sleeping in the wrong position.
  • Shoulder blade pain when turning the head is similar to an ache from the neck caused by a pinched nerve.

These are some symptoms you can suffer from having shoulder blade pain and are treatable. You can do the following:

Shoulder blade pain stretches by standing and placing your left hand on the middle of the back, palm, and elbow while pointing outwards.

Now reach across the front of the body using your right hand and grab your left elbow. Start pulling gently forward, hold it for 30 seconds, and repeat on the other side.

Another shoulder blade pain exercise you can do is to stand with your chin slightly tucked. Keep the arms relaxed and shrug your shoulders up towards the ears, up, and back.

When moving back, do it in circular movements as if placing your hands into the pockets on the back of your pants. Do this four times and stretch the muscles making you relaxed.

Another method is to apply pressure to the essential acupressure points for shoulder pain.

Useful Acupressure Points for Shoulder Pain

There are different pressure points you can use to help with shoulder pain. Here are the important ones:

Acupressure points for neck and shoulder pain

Gates of Consciousness

The Gates of Consciousness
The Gates of Consciousness

You can find the pressure point at the back of the neck in the hollow section near the base of your skull. Apply firm pressure to the spot on both sides for instant pain relief. The acupoint is also for treating dizziness and headaches.

Triple Warmer 3 Hand Pressure Point


Triple Energizer 3 Point (TE3)
Triple Energizer 3 Point (TE3)

The Meridian starts from the tip of your ring finger and moves through the back arm and shoulder ending at the side of your neck and the back of the ear. You find the TW3 acupoint on the back of the hand between the small and ring finger bones.

Acupressure points for shoulder pain

The Shoulder Well (Jian Jing)

The Shoulder Well
The Shoulder Well

Never use it during pregnancy. Find the spot by pinching your whole shoulder muscle using your thumb and finger. You will find it at the highest point, starting from the neck on both sides. Always apply downward pressure to help stimulate the acupoint.

Heavenly Rejuvenation

The Heavenly Pillar
The Heavenly Pillar

Heavenly Rejuvenation, also known as TW15, is excellent for frozen shoulder. You find it a ½ inch below the highest point of the joint moving towards the back.

Outer arm bone

Acupressure Points for Back Pain
Hipbone Points – Acupressure Points for Back Pain

Outer arm bone acupoint you find one-third from the shoulder to the elbow on the outer side. You can massage the spot for five minutes twice a day to help with stiffness or swelling.

Small Intestine 10

Small Intestine 10 Point (SI10)
Small Intestine 10 Point (SI10)

Small Intestine 10 you find on the back of the shoulder. You will need another person’s assistance to apply pressure to the spot. The person will need to draw a line using the finger straight up from the back of the armpit edge to the bones of the shoulder joint.

While these acupressure points for shoulder pains are practical to use. However, if the pain persists, please visit your doctor for help. In honesty, you may think you have average shoulder blade pain, but it could be more severe as mentioned above. Furthermore, never use acupressure as a standalone treatment you can use it in combination with your medical treatment to help improve symptoms quicker.

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