Can Acupressure Induce Labor?

Can acupressure induce labor?

Yes, acupressure can induce labor, and one of the most beneficial things is that acupressure has no side effects. Using acupressure to induce labor is up to the pregnant women and their consulting doctor. It is always wise to consult your doctor when deciding about such an essential stage when you are about to give birth and get a new life in this world. 

Acupressure and acupuncture have shown various positive results when done correctly, with proper guidance. Still, there is a lack of scientific evidence regarding the multiple effects of these healing therapies. However, neither of these has had any side effects. Hence, they have been used by a vast number of people across the globe. 

Acupressure Points to Induce Labor: 


Various traditional sources indicate that LI4 might induce labor as it is said to affect the largintestine’s behavior. It is located between the thumb and index finger. This point could help with labor pain. It is also known as the” “Joining Vall” y” point in acupressure. Pressing this point would help during active labor and second-stage labor. 


This point can be found easily between the lower spine (at the end) and the dimple of the buttocks. Pressing this acupressure point might make you feel numb. It is said that pressing this point will help pregnant women feel relieved from various gynecological issues. If compared, BL32 can be more effective than the L14 point. 


PC8 has been quite effective compared to other points to induce labor. It is also called the” “Labor Pala” e” o” “Laogon.” This point is located in the center of your palm. To find it easily, make a fist, and the exact middle part where your middle finger touches is the PC8 point. Pregnant women can massage this point briefly and see the effects. 


This point, also known as a” “Kunlun Poin,” is located on foot between the Achilles tendon and the ankle. It is named after the famous mountain range in Asia. Pressing the BL60 will relieve labor pain, induce labor, and reduce obstruction. Pregnant women use this point to feel relieved from labor pain during their first stage. 


Various studies have been showing mixed results regarding using acupressure to induce labor. Some studies show no results using acupressure, whereas others also show that acupressure has been effective in relieving and inducing labor. More research and studies are needed to see the practical results of acupressure, especially concerning pregnancy-related things. Still, it would be a way to feel relief and induce labor without taking any medications during labor/ when pregnant. 

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