Do Acupressure Pens Work?

Do acupressure pens work?

With acupressure and acupuncture, there is another similar way of practicing traditional Chinese medicine, i.e., Electroacupuncture. It is carried out through acupuncture pens, also known as electric acupuncture pens. They work effectively, and as per your symptoms for specific issues, you can use an acupressure pen and get the desired results to relieve certain pain. 

What is Electroacupuncture? 

It is similar to acupuncture, involving applying an electric pen to the acupressure points and healing. There are thin needles that will be pointed and help you heal any unwanted issues/ symptoms. 

Generally, acupuncture uses a single thin needle, whereas an acupuncture pen, i.e., Electroacupuncture, is a modified version with two needed. While using the acupuncture pen, it will pass mild electric current from these needles. Such a pen will be more effective than any other therapy or hand stimulation.

Various issues, including arthritis, tinnitus, pain, chemotherapy-induced nausea, addiction, and more, can be treated using the acupuncture pen. Hence, we can say that an electroacupuncture pen is quite effective in delivering such results. 

How does TCM work?

TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine works and depends on an individual’s energy/ flow in one’s body. This energy is called “qi, ” pronounced as “chi.” The energy is said to pass through an invisible path known as “meridians.” These pathways are spread across the body. 

As per ancient healing techniques, Qi balances our body and its healing ability. If the flow of qi is disrupted, it might result in various negative outcomes associated with the emotional well-being of an individual. 

So when the energy is disrupted, electroacupuncture helps us restart the energy flow in our body. Acupuncture also works similarly, but carrying it out with an electroacupuncture pen will enhance the results. 

What does an Electro Acupuncture Session look like?

  • First of all, the symptoms/ issues need to be evaluated. For that, your acupuncturist will check and carry out the evaluation. 
  • According to that, he/she will choose treatment points for the therapy. 
  • Needles will be inserted on the pre-determined acupoints. 
  • After attaching all the necessary needles, the acupuncturist will connect them with a specific electroacupuncture machine. 
  • Then, they will start the machine from low voltage and frequency. Later on, the frequency will be maintained as per your curing treatment type. 
  • A single acupuncture session can vary from 30-50 minutes, depending on various factors. 
  • Even after passing the current, people have reported that it doesn’t hurt much. They feel a slight tingling or vibration. 
  • Moreover, needle insertion also doesn’t hurt because of their extremely thin size. 
  • Also, the current passed through them is alternating between each needle. Hence, it won’t be that powerful on the skin. 

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