Does Acupressure for Weight Loss Work?

Does acupressure for weight loss work?

Applying pressure on various body parts through your fingers and thumbs may help you lose weight via practicing acupressure. Also, acupressure can relieve you from various pains such as backaches, headaches, sleep issues, etc. If done correctly, acupressure can help you heal multiple mental and physical pains. 

Acupressure for Weight Loss:

While curing many issues, acupressure is also said to benefit weight loss. Hence, those looking forward to losing weight can opt for acupressure, as it has no other side effects, like different ways of losing weight. 

Acupressure might not let you lose weight immediately, but it helps towards the result, i.e., losing weight. By practicing acupressure, one can feel positive weight loss effects, including digestion, metabolism regularity, and appetite. 

Acupressure Points for Weight Loss:


Measure with two fingers below the palm and find the center of the wrist. Start pressing this weight loss acupressure point with your index finger and thumb. It will help you to relieve any digestive issues you might have. 


The acupressure point on the thumb for weight loss is located precisely at the bottom side of the thumb. It is said to stimulate the thyroid gland. That eventually increases the metabolism power of your body, 


This point is located in the inner elbow, below the crease of the elbow on the inside part. Pressing this point regularly will help you stimulate the intestines and their working. 


The eyebrow acupressure point for weight loss is in the middle part of your eyebrow, a little above your eyes. To boost weight loss, press this point for a minute daily. 

Upper Lip

It is located precisely between your upper lip and nose. It is also called philtrum. To boost weight loss, press this point in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes. Do this regularly to get the benefits of this acupressure point. 


The ear acupressure point is located at the highest end, near your ear on the jaw. To find this point, move your jaw up and down. The highest point near your ear is the one. Press this point regularly to manage your appetite daily. 


Find the ankle acupressure point by measuring four fingers in width above your ankle. It is located inside the border or tibia. Press this point for 4-5 minutes with 5-6 seconds of wait/ rest. Pressing this acupressure point will help you increase blood circulation. 


Various acupressure points are located all over our body and can help us maintain or lose weight. Find and try these pressure points, use them as you feel comfortable regularly, and get beneficial results. As far as we know, there are no side effects of using acupressure points. Hence, it is right to use this therapy. 

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