How Much Does Acupressure Cost?

How much does acupressure cost?

Depending on various factors, each acupressure session will cost you. The most essential things to consider are session length, pressure points/ areas to cover, the number of needles to be used, the experience of the therapist, and several other things. 

Approximate Cost of Acupressure:

One might estimate how much they will spend on acupressure based on different factors. The most important factors would be the therapist’s experience and the session’s length. Typical acupressure sessions can vary from 30-50 minutes depending on when you started to practice acupressure and other factors. 

As per the therapist’s experience, they can charge you for their time. Sometimes, professionals with deep knowledge, insights, and years of experience might charge you for the therapy they offer. 

A single acupressure session can cost around 300-500/—INR for one hour. The cost may vary depending on the therapist’s experience and knowledge. Depending on various influencing factors, one acupressure session may cost around $20 to $400. 

Benefits of Acupressure:

Regular acupressure practice can provide plenty of benefits. Most people who start performing it soon see all the benefits and positive effects of this traditional technique, so they continue with the practice. 

Here are some of the benefits of acupressure for those who are not aware of it:

  • Regular practice of acupressure would help get better sleep and get rid of sleep disorders like insomnia
  • Various digestive issues can also be healed through acupressure therapy. 
  • People with joint or muscle pain can also feel relaxed and calm after practicing acupressure. 
  • Anxiety and tension can also be treated with the help of acupressure. 
  • Chronic back pain and other severe joint pain can also be treated with acupressure. 
  • Headaches and migraines have also been said to be cured with the regular practice of acupressure. 
  • Any injuries, especially sports injuries, can also be healed with daily acupressure. 
  • Women who are in labor can also obtain various benefits in inducing labor after consulting with their physician. 
  • Along with these, there are innumerable benefits that one can obtain by regularly practicing acupressure. 


An experienced or professional therapist to help you practice acupressure is unnecessary. After learning about specific acupoints, you can practice the therapy yourself. You only need basic knowledge of these points to help you heal particular issues. So you can practice acupressure anywhere alone, without relying on anything or anyone else. 

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