How to Reduce Migraines by Massage?

How do you reduce migraines by massage?

Migraine pain can sometimes be unbearable, so most of us prefer to treat it without any medications. For that, natural healing therapies such as acupressure massage would be beneficial and effective at relieving migraines. Do you often suffer from migraine pain? If so, we will discuss various massage techniques that can help you reduce migraines. 

Reduce Migraines by Massage:

Here are some self-massage techniques to get rid of migraines/headaches. For that, you should drink plenty of water so that it works better and more effectively. Also, repeat the water after this massage and drink plenty of it. 

1. Massaging Forehead

Take your thumbs, start pressing on your Forehead firmly, and move towards the nose and bridge area above the nose in a circular motion. Also, massage the area underneath your Forehead. Keep massaging for 10-15 seconds, then wait a few seconds. Repeat the same about five times and feel the difference. 

2. Downward Massage on the Forehead

Press on the downward area of the Forehead with your thumbs while keeping the palms near the bridge area of the nose. This time, you will massage just above the bridge, not towards the Forehead. Now, start pressing and massaging upwards the Forehead. While doing it, take deep breaths and repeat it 4-5 times. 

3. Eyebrows

Start pinching your eyebrows with both hands and repeat it for about 10 seconds. Rest and then repeat five times. Keep breathing deeply while performing this massage. It will relieve migraine pain in the upper and Forehead areas. 

4. Massaging the Temple Area

Put your middle fingers on the sides of your Forehead in the temple area. Start massaging in a circular motion for about 10 seconds and press firmly. Repeat the massage five times and see the difference. 

Several other types of massage techniques can relieve migraines. These include Trigger Point Massage, Reflexology, Thai Massage, Hot/ Cold Stone Therapy, and more. Moreover, some people also opt for traditional aromatherapy massage to relieve migraine pain. 

Final Words:

You can try whichever technique is proper for you, and you feel comfortable with it. After trying a few of these, you will know which method is correct

and effective. So then you can continue with that and feel relieved whenever you suffer from extreme migraine pain. The message techniques mentioned here have effective results. Once you find the pressure point and press firmly, it will effectively cure migraines

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