Is Acupressure Good for Pain?

Is acupressure good for pain?

Acupressure is a form of massaging based on Traditional Chinese Medicine – TCM. It is done by pressing/ applying pressure on certain points on the body called acupoints. Practicing acupressure helps heal various issues related to your physique and helps you stay stress-free by these points. If performed correctly, acupressure can be quite effective and helpful. 

Acupressure: Benefits

Acupressure helps certain points by improving blood flow and relaxing muscles. There are various chronic pains, and even chemotherapy-induced pain can also be relaxed by practicing acupressure on a regular basis. 

Various common pains, including lower back pain, headache, postoperative pain, etc., can be relieved through acupressure. There’s a specific point, LI4, which can help you heal headaches and feel relaxed, no matter how chronic pain you have been feeling. 

Most people face extreme pain after their chemotherapy sessions, especially nausea. That can be healed through practicing acupressure through specific points regularly. Also, regular acupressure practice helps keep you energetic and relieves various pains. Acupressure has also been known to lessen the 

There are multiple studies on which mood and fatigue can be improved. Also, acupressure has been proven to heal various anxieties and depression, which most people seem to suffer from. There are different points acupoints; pressuring them would help heal anxiety and make you feel better. 

Early Labor:
Pregnant women who have crossed 39-40 weeks can try to induce labor through acupressure with their physician’s assistance. Acupressure has also been said to be very helpful when women struggle to go into labor post-due date. 

Relieves Vertigo:
Some people might be suffering from vertigo now and then. They can try acupressure to eliminate this issue and feel relieved from such severe conditions throughout their daily lives. 

The elderly suffering from arthritis know how extreme this pain can go. For that, acupressure practice can help them heal from severe pain. Practicing acupressure on a regular basis is said to help and relax in various kinds of Arthritis pain

How to Practice Acupressure?

After getting to know about these acupoints, you can carry out acupressure on yourself by yourself. There is nothing to worry about. It doesn’t need to have a professional or experienced therapist to help you perform acupressure. 

Regarding another similar therapy, Acupuncture – it will require an experienced therapist to get you through the acupuncture session. But for acupressure, certain points need to be pressed with gentle/ firm pressure. 


For most people, acupressure is a safe option as a therapeutic approach that can be quite effective. Also, it can be performed by yourself. Hence, no need to have a professional to help you. For pregnant women, getting advice from your healthcare provider would be beneficial. 

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