What is the Best Acupressure Point to Induce Labor?

What is the best acupressure point to induce labor?

Various acupressure points are said to induce labor and are more likely to be effective. When pressed as per your doctor/ midwife’s advice, some of these points can help you feel relief even during first-stage contractions. 

Note: Pregnant women who have passed 39-40 weeks of their pregnancy, only they are advised to try/carry out acupressure point therapy to induce labor. Before that time- pregnant women should not try to induce labor through any techniques. 

Various studies have produced positive results, specifically those suggesting that they are the best acupressure points to induce labor. We will discuss multiple acupressure points that can boost oxytocin levels during the first stage of active labor contractions, helping pregnant women regulate/ induce labor. 

Best Acupressure Point to Induce Labor: 

SP6: Spleen 6 Point

Among many conditions, labor is one of the widely chosen acupressure points, SP6. This is due to its effectiveness in inducing labor. It is also known as the “Three Yin Intersection” and “Sanyinjiao.”

You can easily find it above the inner ankle bone at a distance of four fingers or on the ankle, back side of the shinbone, or lower calf. 

To use this acupressure point, you just have to apply firm pressure with your index finger. Apply the pressure for a few seconds, wait for a minute, and repeat. 

PC8: Pericardium 8 Point

Also known by its other names, “Laogong” and “Labor Palace,” PC8 is a handy acupressure point for inducing labor

Finding this point is relatively easy. Make a fist and find the middle point on your finger where the middle finger touches. That’s it! 

You can massage the PC8 by applying light pressure, which is not so firm. Massage for a few seconds and wait for a minute. 

BL60: Bladder 60 Point

BL60, also known as Bladder 60 and “Kunlun,” is an effective acupressure point. It is named after a mountain range in Asia. 

To locate the BL60 point, look for the end between the Achilles Tendon and your ankle. You can easily find it on your foot. 

It can be pressed firmly to ease labor pain and promote labor. If pressed in the right way, it can also help reduce obstruction. 

Final Words:

Compared to most other medicine-induced labor, acupressure is beneficial. One of the most amazing things about this way of healing is that there are no side effects. Still, consulting your doctor before doing anything during your pregnancy would be an intelligent choice. You can also find a licensed professional who can assist you further in inducing labor safely.

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