What is the hand trick for migraine?

What is the hand trick for migraine?

Having a headache or migraine can have various reasons behind it. No matter the reason, the pain that comes along with migraines is unbearable, as we all know it. Hence, getting rid of this pain is everyone’s priority. For that, getting medications would not be advised in the long run, as they have severe side effects. 

Here, we will discuss various ways and pressure points in acupressure through which you can relieve headache pain. Also, there are several ticks, including a popular hand trick for migraine. Let’s get started!

Acupressure: Hand trick for Migraine

There is an acupressure point known as “Hegu,” also called LI-4. It is specifically for curing headaches and migraines. You can find this acupressure point between your palm’s index finger and thumb. Pressing this point with the other hand’s finger/ thumb will relieve you of the headache you might be having. You only need to rub this point in a circular motion for a minute or two. 

So, that’s the popular hand trick for Migraine. Those who suffer from headaches can perform this acupressure trick and relieve the pain. You can easily find the LI-4 at the base of your index and thumb on either of your hands. 

Note: Acupressure practitioners must know that pregnant women are not advised to practice acupressure. If they want to, firstly, they should consult their healthcare provider/ physician, and only after consulting with them should they practice acupressure. 

Additional Acupressur Points: 

Many acupressure points are responsible for various pain relief. So, as per your problem, you should find these respective acupressure points. Pressuring these acupoints will help you feel relaxed and free from the pain you might face. Various issues can be treated through the acupressure points. Even chemotherapy-induced pain and nausea can be healed through the acupoints. 

Some of the most common acupoints are Third Eye/ Yin Tang, Gates of Consciousness/ Gallbladder 20/ Feng Chi, Drilling Bamboo/ Urinary Bladder 2, Shoulder Well/ Gallbladder 21/ Jian Jing, and many more. 

Where to go to get Acupressure Therapy?

Anyone can do acupressure by themselves after knowing about basic acupoints. It is not necessary to hire a professional acupuncturist to practice acupuncture. Still, those who prefer to have an experienced acupuncturist can opt for them and hire them. There are many experienced professionals and chiropractor who offers such services. 

Other Things to Consider:

While starting new things that might affect your physical, mental, and emotional state of being – keeping an eye on your routine is also essential. You should make a routine and stick to it by getting busy with various activities throughout the day. Also, follow the same sleep schedule so your body can rest properly. 

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