What Pressure Points Trigger Labor?

What pressure points trigger labor?

Several studies show that acupressure carried out through specific points, can trigger labor. Still, the scientific evidence for this needs to be improved, and more studies and research to back this fact. On the brighter side, acupressure has no side effects; hence, there is nothing to worry about. Getting advice from your OB-GYN/ Doctor would be wise for your pregnancy. 

Pressure Points to Trigger Labor: 

Sometimes, a doctor or midwife suggests that pregnant women use acupressure to induce labor. Various points are pressing, which will help feel relieved and trigger labor. Practitioners believe pressing specific acupressure points can enhance blood flow to the uterus, even impacting hormonal responses.

As a result, contractions can be sped up, eventually triggering labor. 

Here are some acupressure points that are said to affect triggering labor; take a look: 


It is also known as “Spleen 6,” located on the back of the calf. It is just about 2 inches above your inner lower ankle bone. Pressing this point can be effective for labor pain, as it can also increase labor time by triggering labor time. 

You can apply pressure on this point with the index finger for a few seconds. Wait for a moment, and then repeat it. 


This point is also called “Labor Palace” or “Pericardium 8” and is called by this name for a reason. It can trigger labor contractions effectively and help pregnant women trigger the labor. The location of this point is relatively easy, as it is in the middle of your palm. 

Apply gentle pressure on this acupressure point and repeat it after a few seconds. 


GB21 – “Gallbladder 21” is said to induce labor and make contractions less painful. It is located in the middle of the shoulder muscle, right above the collarbone. 

For this point to work, you need to pinch and then massage in the downward direction. You can apply gentle pressure, wait for a second, and then start it again. 


The Large Intestine 4 – LI4 is believed to stimulate the contractions. It can be very effective during the first stage of labor and will surely help pregnant women to trigger the labor. It is located between the thumb and index finger, just below the pointer finger knuckle. 

Through the opposite hand’s thumb, you can massage this point gently. After a minute, wait for a few seconds and then repeat it. 


Once you start getting contractions, after 40 weeks of your pregnancy, you can use these acupressure points to relieve the labor pain and trigger the labor. It should be done after consulting with your doctor/ midwife. Trying to pressure these acupressure points before 40 weeks is not advised. Moreover, if you are relatively new to it, consulting with your healthcare provider before trying acupressure is a must. 

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