Best Acupressure Magnet Products for Different Ailments

Best Acupressure Magnet Products for Different Ailments

Magnotherapy, or magnetic therapy, is a great alternative to help soothe the body from aches and pains. You can use acupressure magnets for a wide selection of addictions, from losing Weight to helping relieve back-to-shoulder pain and treating plantar fasciitis in the feet.

Acupressure with magnets is cost-effective; you do not need to pay for costly medication or a massage. The static fields help alleviate pain and stress from the body naturally. Over the years, many brands have created acupressure ear magnets, acupressure magnets for weight loss, acupressure point magnets, and more to use at home.

Here, we have selected different acupressure devices to help you lose Weight, stop smoking, and relieve muscle pains. Check the products out and decide which items are made for you.

How Does Acupressure Magnet Therapy Work?

Magnet therapy is similar to applying acupressure by placing magnets on the same acupoints to help boost your health. Combined with acupuncture, it can achieve excellent results as it treats your energy pathways or channels. So, if you are ready to start using Magnetic therapy and acupressure together, check out our list of products. You can find bracelets, rings, reusable bands, and kits to get you on your way.

Best Acupressure Magnet Devises:

1. NatraCure Magnetic Shoulder Support

The following acupressure magnetic shoulder strap is excellent for anyone to use. Instead of paying regular massages to rub down your shoulder from a sports injury of working long hours, look at this product. The item is perfect to use after corrective surgeries and is cheaper with the unisex design.

NatraCure Magnetic Shoulder Support
NatraCure Magnetic Shoulder Support

The acupressure magnets used offer excellent results as the magnetic fields become wider. Applying them soothes muscle, stress, and pain and is excellent for arthritis. The straps are made with neoprene fabric, and the magnetic device lies on the skin side. The washable product comes with a hook-and-loop closure to customize the fit.

The device works with heated magnetic therapy and is suitable for relieving back and shoulder pain.


  • Works with warm, magnetic therapy to help alleviate pain in the muscles
  • It fits most chest sizes between 37 inches and 45 45-inches
  • Made with neoprene fabric that is stretchable and terry-lined to prevent moisture build-up
  • Reusable and washable with the one-size-fits-all design
  • It has a hook-and-loop closure to adjust for a perfect fit

  • Durable fabric
  • Offers deep penetrating acupressure magnets
  • One size fits all
  • Adjustable compression

  • It is not made for small-framed users

Best Acupressure Magnet Products for Different Ailments 1

You first notice the strong odor when removed from the box. However, do not let the smell get you down, as the straps are washable. The smell subsides, and the compression bands are comfortable with an adjustable fit. For deep acupressure, magnet penetrating is available; it helps with pain and is irritation-free.

2. Therion Acupressure Magnet Lounge Mat

The acupressure mat is the best traveling companion. Whether you have body or back pain, the carpets are versatile. The rug can cover a large area, and the designs are comfortable to sleep on. The mat is lightweight and portable, so it can be taken anywhere.

Therion Acupressure Magnet Lounge Mat
Therion Acupressure Magnet Lounge Mat

The products are equipped with 4300 Gauss magnets to soothe the body naturally. The acupressure magnets are distributed evenly to make it more effective. You will enjoy using it daily. You can use it with other magnetic therapy devices to manage pain, from waist trainers to knee wraps.


  • The magnetic blanket pad measures 24 x 36 inches and is ¾ -inch thick
  • You can use it in the car, sofa, bed, airplane, and more
  • Forms with the body and contains 4300 gauss magnets
  • Comprise soft fabric

  • Flexible to use anywhere
  • Equipped with powerful acupressure magnets
  • You can sleep on it compared to other acupressure mats
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Covers a large area of your body

  • The only noticeable thing is the magnetic poles labeled wrong

Best Acupressure Magnet Products for Different Ailments 1

Soothe your muscle tension away with the acupressure magnet pad from THERION. The spacious design covers a large part of the body, making it comfortable to take anywhere.

3. Serenity 2000 Acupressure Magnetic Therapy

How much money have you spent on medication and massage oils to relieve pain? Why not waste your money on the spot magnetic kit fitted with 5000 Gauss neodymium magnets? The impressive performance and durable device offer profound, penetrating results.

Serenity 2000 Acupressure Magnetic Therapy
Serenity 2000 Acupressure Magnetic Therapy

Get home and use the acupressure magnets to relax after a hard day at work. The set is easy to use daily: Place a magnet on the affected area to relieve inflammation and pain. The kit has a magnetic holder to keep the magnets and includes adhesive for use with clothing.


  • Comprise two large neodymium magnets, each creating a magnetic field the size of an orange
  • It helps reduce inflammation, improves blood circulation, and is effective against pain.
  • Easy to use by placing the magnet on an affected area
  • You can wear it under your clothes while working or attach it with the included magnet holders to your clothing
  • You get two magnets, two magnet holders, and ten adhesive discs
  • Equipped with 5000 Gauss neodymium magnets

  • You get adhesive and a free magnet holder
  • Offers deep penetrating magnetic therapy
  • The poles are marked clearly

  • None noted

Best Acupressure Magnet Products for Different Ailments 1

The spot magnets are a versatile acupressure device with loads of neodymium magnets for daily use. The fantastic thing is that they do not lose their strength over time and remain effective every time. You can store the magnets safely in the magnetic holder.

4. Acupressure Smoking Patch Magnets

With the APOTHECARY magnetic patches, you do not need painkillers to relieve pain. Furthermore, when applied at the correct spot, they can help you stop smoking. The set offers 1000 gauge acupuncture magnets that offer deep-penetrating magnetic therapy.

Acupressure Smoking Patch Magnets
Acupressure Smoking Patch Magnets

The acupressure magnet placed on the painful area soothes the pain. The construction is durable and comes with self-adhering bandages to secure the skin. The acupressure magnetic patches are universally designed for use on any part of the body.


  • Each strip contains 450 gauge acupressure magnets with adhesive cloth
  • You get ten sheets with a total of 30 magnets
  • You can use it on most parts of the body

  • The magnets are powerful
  • You can place it in most parts of the body
  • Can combine it with acupuncture and acupressure
  • Comes with bandage-like adhesive

  • The magnets are huge
  • Some problems with re-using the adhesive

Best Acupressure Magnet Products for Different Ailments 1

Instead of using a magnetic wrap, the acupressure magnet therapy set allows you to place the acupoints anywhere. The product works well on all body parts; you can wear it under your clothing while working.

5. Clair & Coquette Magnetic Sleeping Mask

Do you struggle to sleep? Throw away the sleeping pills and try the acupressure magnetic sleeping mask reviewed here. The products are recommended for men and women. The design allows you to wear it all night, and it comes with a set of earplugs.

Clair & Coquette Magnetic Sleeping Mask
Clair & Coquette Magnetic Sleeping Mask

The mask is comfortable and has natural magnets that generate power to help you sleep naturally. Furthermore, it helps relax your facial muscles and improves blood circulation. The 3D construction is fantastic, and it includes a free Beauty E-book.


  • Blocks out ambient light with the 3D design
  • Applies no pressure to the eyes, nose, or lashes
  • Increases the blood flow and relaxes your facial muscles
  • It helps promote healthier skin and includes a free beauty e-book
  • It comes with a pouch and earplugs
  • Made with 14 anisotropic ceramic magnets
  • The surface gauss is 800 G
  • Comprise soft microfiber fabric with elastic zip band

  • Non-irritation design
  • It comes with compatible earplugs
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • It stays on your face all night

  • Does not adjust easily

Best Acupressure Magnet Products for Different Ailments 1

Develop your sleep pattern naturally with the acupressure magnet-sleeping mask. The accessory is comfortable at night and blocks out most ambient light. To prevent external noise, you get earplugs included with a carry pouch.

6. Ear Acupressure Magnet to Stop Smoking and Lose Weight

How many times have you tried to stop smoking or lose Weight? Endless times end the struggle with the acupressure ear magnets to help you naturally.

Ear Acupressure Magnet to Stop Smoking and Lose Weight
Ear Acupressure Magnet to Stop Smoking and Lose Weight

The Zero Smoke you place on the ear provides a stimulating release of endorphins to improve weight loss and smoking. Eventually, your cravings subside and contain no harmful chemicals or pills to get the job done.


  • The acupressure point magnets you place on the ear to help lose Weight and stop smoking
  • Available in a gold color
  • Include one piece

  • All you do is squeeze the magnet when you get a craving
  • It is worth a try, and you have nothing to lose

  • Still takes determination

Best Acupressure Magnet Products for Different Ailments 1

Why spend a fortune on smokes if you can stop it with the Zero Smoke acupressure magnets? Whether you want to lose Weight or quit smoking, you have nothing to lose; try it.

7. VIKI Lynn Hematite

Do you have arthritis or partake in active sports and get numerous injuries? The VIKI Lynn is an acupressure bracelet made to help relieve joint pain. The band works with magnetic waves to heal faster and improve blood circulation. The design is stylish; you can wear it with any clothing piece.

VIKI Lynn Hematite
VIKI Lynn Hematite

The bracelet has an elasticized construction and is comfortable to wear all day. The magnets are smooth and do not irritate the skin, and the unisex structures are suitable for men and women to wear.


  • Made with Hematite bead magnets
  • Adjustable with the elastic band
  • It gives the body positive energy to improve blood flow and relieve hand pain.

  • It has an eye-catching design
  • Suitable for men and to wear
  • Adjustable with the elasticized construction
  • Natural Magnets

  • There were some minor complaints that users received bracelets with cracked pieces.

Best Acupressure Magnet Products for Different Ailments 1

For a comfortable bracelet to relieve aches & pains in your hand, the VIKI Lynn acupressure magnet band is perfect. You can gift it to a man or woman with the unisex design. Furthermore, the wristband has a stylish design that fits in with any piece of clothing.

8. Serenity 2000 Acupressure Magnetic Set

The following acupressure magnetic therapy set can treat different body parts. The large to extra-large wraps can relieve pain. The device can also massage your neck, back, ankles, head, and more.

Serenity 2000 Acupressure Magnetic Set
Serenity 2000 Acupressure Magnetic Set

The product has 28 penetrating magnets and durable construction. It can be used during the day or throughout the night. The kit comprises an eight-piece piece that can be conveniently placed on various body parts. The back wrap has 16 magnets, while the two larger pads have five.

The two smaller ones comprise one magnet and are adjustable.


  • Available in two sizes, small to medium
  • It fits waists with up to 36-inch size, and the X-large one measures up to 50-inches
  • Comprise eight bands that you can wash with a total of 28 magnets
  • The rating is 4000 gauss surface, and each magnet is 1100 gauss

  • The strap is comfortable
  • Padded and comfortable
  • Works on all areas of the body
  • High gauss magnet

  • The fabrics not breathable

Best Acupressure Magnet Products for Different Ailments 1

With the Serenity 2000 kit, you can treat more than one part of your body at the same time. Adjust the wrap to place it behind the neck, lower back, ankles, wrists, and more.

9. MEIBY Slimming Acupressure Toe Rings

The package includes one pair of toe rings with acupressure magnets to help you lose Weight. The silicone is non-allergenic, translucent, and soft to wear. Furthermore, it would help if you used it with a weight loss and exercise program to work effectively.

MEIBY Slimming Acupressure Toe Rings
MEIBY Slimming Acupressure Toe Rings

You need to wear the two rings placed on each big toe with the magnet positioned beneath the toe in the middle. The magnet emits 1100 gauss magnetic force and stimulates vital acupoints that never worked while walking. The rings are washable to keep them clean.


  • Include one pair of toe rings made with silicone and a magnet
  • Translucent color, making them discrete to wear
  • Stimulates acupoints beneath the big toe to improve blood circulation and more
  • Each ring measures 2.5cm in diameter.

  • Comfortable
  • Discrete
  • Soft
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean

  • Must follow a weight loss program and exercise

Best Acupressure Magnet Products for Different Ailments 1

Do not expect to lose Weight by not following a strict diet or being active when using the acupressure magnet toe rings. The rings work well with a healthy eating program. If you have been struggling to lose extra pounds, why not try them—you have nothing to lose.

10. PERCARE Acupressure Magnetized Insoles

The magnetized acupressure insoles included in the PERCARE set can tackle different foot pains. The kit includes a reflexology insole with acupoints to apply pressure to the foot sole. You can also enjoy a relaxing massage to reduce muscular aches and pains while walking.

PERCARE Acupressure Magnetized Insoles
PETCARE Acupressure Magnetized Insoles

The insole has a plastic construction with tiny nodes and magnets embedded in the footbed. You can cut the insole to size to fit your shoes as well. As a bonus, you receive a five-piece Sujok Finger massager ring in different colors to relieve stress and much more when used.


  • Offers you foot comfort with magnetic therapy while walking
  • Equipped with pressure points and magnets on the footbed
  • Customizable and made of durable plastic
  • Include a five-piece acupressure ring on the fingers and toes to stimulate the muscles.

  • A great, affordable acupressure magnet set
  • Versatile to use in the shoes and customizable
  • The acupressure rings you can use on the fingers and toes

  • For some users, the insole does not provide enough pressure on the meridian points

Best Acupressure Magnet Products for Different Ailments 1

For an affordable solution to making every step comfortable, try the PERCARE combo set. It includes a five-piece ring set to relieve tension in the hands and toes.

Which Acupressure Magnet Devices Do You Want to Buy

We hope the acupressure magnets reviewed on the list help you find a perfect resolution for your aches and pains. Whether you want to lose Weight, stop smoking, or lessen muscle pain, each product provides a solution. You can purchase different acupressure magnet products to help improve sleep and relax your body. Pick your product today and start healing your body the natural way.

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