Acupressure Points for Eyes – Improve Your Vision – Better Eye Sight

Acupressure Points for Eyes Improvement

One of the most intricate parts of your body is the eyes, and often one takes them for granted. We strain our eyes daily by working on our computers, as the changing world requires us to do so. However, did you know that with the help of Chinese treatment, one can help your eyes from feeling strained, and it is never too late to start taking care of them?

Acupressure Points for Eyes Acupressure Points for Eyes

Many aged 65 and older people are diagnosed with cataracts. Many are told that this form of a problem is unpreventable. Also, the best way of treating it is by waiting for cataracts to become more opaque before one can have it removed.

When it comes to Western medicine, cataracts are removed surgically; however, with traditional Chinese medicine, it is approached in an entirely different way. In TCM, this weakness is normally related to kidney and liver problems, as these organs are weak and affect one’s vision.

Another cause of cataracts is related to the spleen, as it transports nutrients to one’s body in an upward direction. When deficient, this leads to a negative effect and causes cataracts. Help is available to prevent this from happening, and by applying pressure to the acupressure points for the eyes, one may prevent cataracts from forming.

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As the eyes are the most delicate organ in one’s body, one can find some important pressure points for eye-related ailments to improve your eyes. When one has illnesses related to the eyes, it makes one’s life miserable, and with acupressure, one can remove any obstruction that causes eye ailments. Not only do these pressure points correlate to the eyes, but they help to cure the body of other ailments as well.

Important Acupressure Points for Improving Eyesight

Here are some important acupressure points for the eyes to help improve one’s eyesight.

Facial Acupoints for eyesight

Acupoints near the Nostrils

Nostril Points Nostril Points

One can find this pressure point by using your index finger and adjacent to the left and right of one’s nostril. You need to apply moderate pressure and massage these points simultaneously on either side with both hands for about 5 minutes each day. This helps to relieve a headache and obscure sinus vision.

Acupoints on the Inner edge of the eyes

Inner Edge of the Eyes Points Inner Edge of the Eyes Points

Using these acupressure points for the eyes helps improve your vision and relax your eyes after a long day of work. These points are found beside the bridge of the nose on the inner edge of each eye. You need to use one hand’s index finger and thumb and apply enough pressure on these Acupoints, or use each of your thumbs and massage them evenly for 3 minutes. Do this every day for the best results.

Pressure Points above the eyebrows

Pressure Points above the eyebrows Pressure Points above the eyebrows

This widely used pressure point helps to relieve headaches and provides drug-free pain relief with an amazing feeling. One can find this Acupoint below the eyebrows in the eye socket. One needs to use both thumbs to apply pressure and massage to the bone for three minutes, each moving from side to side. This helps for a stiff neck and headaches that cause strain on the eyes.

Acupoint between the eyebrows

Acupoint between the eyebrows Acupoint between the eyebrows

This Acupoint found between the eyebrows is known as the power pressure point and is efficient in helping with the strain on the eyes. Not only is this point excellent for relieving eyestrain, but it also helps control headaches. Here, one needs to use your thumb and firmly massage the Acupoint, which is the join of the t section between the eyebrows. Message in an upward motion for about three minutes to better one’s vision, relieve headaches, and keep one’s eye stress-free.

Tip on the first toe on both feet and tips of thumb on both hands – acupressure points for eyes on hands

acupressure points for eyes on hands acupressure points for eyes on hands

The following acupressure points provide you with clearer vision. When applying pressure to the tip of the big toe found on both feet, these heal many eye ailments. One needs to use your fingers and press on the tip of the first toe of your foot.

The tips of the thumb on both hands help to provide clearer vision and are related to your neck muscles connected to the eyes. Using your thumbs and messaging the tips for three minutes improves one’s vision.

First Toe Point (Both Feet):

First Toe Point (Both Feet): First Toe Point (Both Feet):

Final Word

The eyes are the most sensitive part of one’s body, and care needs to be taken when applying pressure to these acupressure points for the eyes. Prevent applying excessive pressure and rather use moderate pressure.

One needs to do this treatment regularly, and it should become part of your daily routine to provide the best pain relief and healing results. Apply acupressure at least once a day and practice steady pressure to master the finer details of reflexology.

Use acupressure points for the eyes with care, and one will find that it is one of the best natural pain relief treatments worldwide, providing you with drug-free pain relief.

Can Eyesight Improve with Age—Home Remedies to Improve Your Eyesight

There is an old saying that age is in our minds, and the trick is to prevent it from creeping up to you. We all know that getting older is not a joke, as new aches & pains pop up unexpectedly. One process most people suffer from young to old is eyesight. Vision problems are common in old and young. However, to answer the question above, yes, your eyesight can improve as you age.

According to surveys done in 1984 compared to those done in 2010 with older people, the figure reduced by 10%. Many people who had problems at the age of 65 reading the newspaper found their vision improved with time. According to the survey, they did not mention how it happens.

But we can already think about many things that changed over the years. One of them is that more people are not smoking anymore as it causes muscular degeneration. The second one is that cataract surgery has improved over the years, and older people are willing to take the risk of removing cataracts.

The other significant cause of eyesight loss is diabetes. People have changed their eating habits, exercising more, and following the doctor’s orders. The next question is, “Do carrots help improve eyesight?”

Yes, it can improve vision under certain conditions, but how many carrots you need to eat to optimize vision is still unclear. Carrots are filled with vitamin A supplements and beta-carotene that help keep your eyes healthy. Now, instead of trying to figure out how much carrots you need to eat, there are home remedies that help with eyesight improvement.

We are here to help with the best home remedies for weak eyesight to help improve your eyes.

Home Remedies for Weak Eyesight

Whether you are young or old, you need to preserve your vision. However, before you head to the pharmacy for drugs or surgery, try these home remedies first.

Acupressure for the Eyes

Using acupoint pressure is an effective way to improve your eyesight. The best of all is you can apply it yourself without visiting a professional. You have seven acupoints around the eyes, and the first one starts:

  • At the corner of your eye
  • Another one is close to your nose
  • The other pressure points continue across the brow
  • The rest is underneath the eyelid

Applying pressure to each position for up to 10 seconds helps increase the blood flow.

Another fantastic acupressure point to apply pressure to is on the tip of the thumbs. Massaging the acupoint boosts circulation from the neck to the eyes. You can even have both your thumbs rubbed for brighter and clearer eyesight; the same is done by rubbing the big toes.

Exercises to Improve Eyesight

The following home remedy for improving eyesight is giving them a workout. The simple exercises help with optimal vision to keep eye floaters at bay. You can do them in them any time of the day, but make sure your hands are clean.

  • Start by rubbing your palms together to warm them up, and place them against your eyes for five seconds. You can repeat it up to three times.
  • Roll your eyes – start by looking up with a slow circle ten times clockwise and then counterclockwise.
  • Take a pen, hold it at arm’s length, and focus your eyes on it. Slowly bring the pen closer to about 6 inches from the nose. Slowly start moving the pen back, keeping the eyes centered on the pen. You can do these ten times to help your eyes focus.
  • With your thumb knuckle, massage the temples in small circles for up to 20 minutes in one direction and then in the other. Do the same procedure on the mid-point of your eyebrow and below the eye on both sides of the nose.
  • Close your eyes for three minutes and take a mini nap.

Follow Healthy Daily Habits

Everything we do throughout the day involves using our eyes. The problem is that our daily habits are hurting our eyesight. How many times have you sat with your eyes glued to the screen—up to 20 minutes at a time? The best is to learn healthy daily habits to prevent this from happening.

  1. Ensure your PC screen is at least 18 inches away from your face and below eye level. The same applies to watch
  2. Ensure that the room is well-lit when reading a book, as dim light causes strain on the eyes.
  3. If you do wear prescription glasses, make sure to keep them updated according to your medical providers.
  4. Get enough rest, as your eyes need it just as much as the body.
  5. During warm weather, cool your feet with the air conditioner and not your eyes, as it dries it out and becomes discomforting.
  6. Be active and walk for 40 minutes at least four times a week as it reduces the primary cause of glaucoma, and take regular breaks when working.

Foods That Help Improve Eyesight

You can use the following home remedies for eyesight improvement by changing your diet. Not only will the food help with your vision, but your body will thank you at the same time.

Fish – from tuna, salmon, trout, and mackerel offers you omega-3 fatty acids to help lower the risk of eye problems. Different studies have shown that consuming fish oil helps reverse dry eyes.

Citrus Fruits – lemons, oranges, and grapefruit are rich in vitamin C and an antioxidant that helps fight age-related eyesight problems.

Vegetables – especially leafy greens, are high in lutein and zeaxanthin, offering a good source of vitamin C that helps improve vision. Some other standout veg are spinach, kale, collard, carrots (rich in vitamin A & beta-carotene), and sweet potatoes.

Legumes and nuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and contain vitamin E, protecting the eyes. Almonds also help to improve your memory power, and you can make a paste of it and drink it with a glass of milk. You can also eat Brazil nuts, walnuts, peanuts, cashews, and lentils.

Seeds – like legumes, nuts, and seeds are also filled with omega-3s and are rich in vitamin E. You can eat chia, flax, and hemp seeds in different foodstuffs to help improve your eyesight.

Spice–fennel is filled with antioxidants and nutrients that help slow down the process of cataracts for healthier eyes. You can take a cup of almonds, sugar, and fennel and grind it to a powder. Take one tablespoon of the powder with a glass of milk before bed.

Other Foodstuff – you will love this one if you do eat meat. Beef is rich in zinc and great for long-term health to delay age-related sight. Eggs are another food source that can help with eyesight prevention and contain vitamins C & E and zinc. Even water is crucial as it prevents hydration and reduces dry eyes.

Home Remedies for Sore Eyes

You can get sore eyes if you work for hours in front of your screen, walk in the wind, or stand in the heat. Alternatively, you can get an infection known as conjunctivitis, which affects all ages. To help relieve eye pain, here are some natural remedies you can use at home to ease the pain.

  • Aloe Vera Gel – you can use the ointment for many ailments and sore eyes. Keep some fresh aloe juice in the fridge, soak a clean cloth, and wipe your eyes.
  • Cucumber – use chilled cucumber slices as an eye pack for sore and tired eyes.
  • Rose Water – dips cotton balls in the rose water and places it over the eyes. The water is adequate to reduce inflammation and remove discomfort at the same time.
  • Coriander – makes a decoction of coriander with water and uses it as an eyewash. The mixture helps remove burning sensations in the eyes and removes pain.
  • Milk – here, you can wash your eyes with warm water or milk several times throughout the day to relieve eye irritation
  • Potatoes Juice – Use raw potato juice mixed with a tsp of oil over the sore eye.

Final Thoughts

A healthy diet of fruit, veg, and lean proteins can help improve your eyesight. Moreover, by doing some eye exercises and learning healthy habits, you can prevent your vision from deteriorating as you get older. Wear your sunglasses and take regular breaks when working. Have your eyes tested regularly, and if the problem persists, visit your optometrist today, as it may be more than what you think. Never take risks with your eyes; it is an essential body part.

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