What is Slimming Acupuncture?

What is slimming acupuncture?

There have been a few studies in which acupuncture can help eliminate obesity, or being overweight can be treated with the same. It can be associated with regulated metabolism and other related factors. Being overweight is also considered one of the chronic health conditions that might lead to stroke and heart disease.

Hence, maintaining the ideal weight per body mass index would benefit you; acupuncture can significantly help. 

Slimming Acupuncture: 

Studies have been carried out in 2019, according to which acupuncture can help lose weight and help practitioners stay in shape. Acupuncture can help promote digestion, modulate metabolism, and regulate the endocrine system. 

Additionally, beneficial results have shown weight loss due to regular acupuncture practice. 

How does it work?

This ancient medicine, including acupressure and acupuncture, helps regulate energy flow. It is called “qi,” also pronounced as “chi.” 

Acupuncture is when hair-thin needles are pressed inside the skin at certain acupoints. There have been various studies that show these effects boosted after acupuncture was performed regularly. 

Acupuncture Points:

Just like acupressure points, there are specific points for acupuncture. Applying slight pressure inserting pins/ needles into certain points will help you feel relieved and work wonders. These needles will stimulate the points via a special massage therapy. 

Many people opt for acupuncture therapy to lose weight and reduce their BMI to their desired/ ideal weight. It is done by regulating the metabolism and appetite. Getting a licensed practitioner to perform acupuncture would be beneficial to receive effective results. Even though there are no side effects, getting an experienced practitioner would be wise. 

Acupuncture Points in Ear:

There has been research in which performing acupuncture will boost weight loss. It happens because these points will help control the food cravings. Results show that losing 10 to 15 pounds takes six to eight weeks. 

Affecting Factors:

Various factors are associated with acupuncture and are responsible for certain weight loss. Such facts include: 

  • The technique used
  • Total Number of Sessions
  • Session Length
  • Total Number of Acupuncture Points
  • Use of Placebo
  • And more. 

Additionally, various other factors are associated explicitly with the participants/ individuals. It means participants’ beliefs, body type, expectations, positive/ negative thinking, personal opinions, relationship with the practitioner, and more. 


Undoubtedly, acupuncture helps lose weight, but we still need more scientific result-backed studies that will give more proof to those who don’t believe these results. Moreover, while performing acupuncture therapy regularly, lifestyle and what we consume also affect the results, which might vary for each individual. 

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