Which Mudra Get Rid of Migraine?

Which Mudra gets rid of migraines?

Headaches can be the reason behind various emotional, physical, and psychological aspects. Still, it hurts very much whenever you have a headache. Getting relief is the only option, but it is not that easy. Also, medications are not always the solution, as they have side effects. There are various Mudras that can help heal different kinds of pain, including Migraines. Let’s talk more about it!

Mudra to Get Rid of Migraines: 

Various health issues can be healed by practicing Mudras with a clear mind. It will also calm your body, and your emotional state will also be improved. These Mudras can directly stimulate the endocrine system, and you can start seeing changes from the very beginning. 

Different mudras are used for various issues. These Mudras include the Prana Mudra, the Sahasrara Mudra, the Trimukha Mudra, the Mahasirs Mudra, the Gyan Mudra, and many more. 

Practicing these Mudras on a regular basis can have various benefits and help you get rid of many issues that you might be facing. Practicing the mudras enhances the 5 Pran Vayus, the vital energy that resides inside our body. 

The Mudras have the power to heal various physical and psychological issues. They have healing properties, and because they are connected with most body parts, they work wonders while practiced daily. 

Mahasirs Mudra to Relief Migraine: 

The practitioner needs to know a few essential things to perform this Mudra. To perform Mahasirs Mudra, one needs to combine Surya – Pranik Mudra and Vyan – Tattva Mudra. Hold the ring finger and place it on the thumb’s base. For Vyan Mudra, unite your index finger, middle finger, and thumb tip into a formation. 

For Mahasirs Mudra, start by folding your ring finger and joining the tips of the middle finger, index finger, and thumb tip. Also, you need to keep your little finger straight. Keep breathing deeply and focus on your belly while inhaling and exhaling. Keep your eyes closed and repeat this Mudra for a few minutes. Then rest for a few seconds and repeat it. 

Then, sit in a comfortable position and take deep breaths. Try to loosen your shoulders and keep your palms resting on your thighs. Keep your face towards the ceiling while performing this exercise. 


Migraines are never easy to handle, and it is not easy to bear the pain. Practicing Mudras to relieve headaches and migraines would be a good choice. As we all know, there are no side effects of practicing acupressure – nothing to worry about. All you need to do is find specific acupoints and press them to feel healed and relaxed. 

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