What Pressure Point Relieves Migraines?

What pressure point relieves migraines?

When we press specific acupoints, acupressure can help individuals relieve migraines and other pains. Upon pressing, many points boost energy and regulate the blood flow in your body, helping you relieve pain, such as migraines.  

How can acupressAcupressurelieve Migraines?

Migraine happens to be a neurological issue that can be extreme to most people and unbearable to go throughout the day in their routine life. Consuming medicines is not a wise choice as it has many side effects. First, it can be habit-forming, and medications might adversely affect internal body parts. Hence, that is not a wise choice when you suffer from migraines daily. 

We need something compelling without side effects on other body parts. This is the prime reason for choosing AcupressAcupressurehealing therapy for issues such as Migraines and Headaches. 

Acupressure Points to Relieve Migraines:

As you might already know, acupressAcupressure treats several points in our body. Pressing with firm/ gentle pressure on your thumb and fingers will heal various issues. It can cure multiple pains and relieve them without any other adverse effects. 

LI-4 Pressure Point

The pressure point LI-4 is located on the back of your palm, between the index finger and the thumb. There’s a space between them, the precise location for this acupoint to relieve headaches. 

You can press this point with your other hand, using your finger and thumb from both sides. You can also use only your thumb or finger to press the point. It is totally up to you which one to use. 

Apply firm pressure for 2-3 while moving your finger/ thumb clockwise. The pressure must be firm so your muscles can feel the pressure on the point. After feeling the pressure and motion, the muscles will relax, enhancing blood flow. That will eventually help you relieve the headache/ migraine pain

Keep repeating this point a few times until you see any changes in the pain. Moreover, doing this regularly will help you heal headaches faster. Once you get a grip on it, it will be easier for you, and you will be healed sooner whenever you have a headache. 

Proven Studies: 

Various studies have shown how acupressure and acupuncture help heal multiple pains, especially migraines. Acupressure is more effective and relieving than medicines and even Botox injections. Along with migraine relief, nausea, and morning sickness can also be relieved when carrying out acupressure. 

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